Monday, October 19, 2009

what is bubber?

i have a confession to make: i hate play-doh.

i know, i know. i tell my kids not to say "hate" and i am probably stifling their creativity by not letting them play with it. but it is SO messy. and they inevitably mix up the colors which shouldn't bug me but it my kids don't play with play-doh very often.

as a result, when i was asked to review "bubber" ("the lightest modeling compound on earth), i was wondering how it would compare to play-doh. let me say, there is no comparison. even though it flakes and crumbles a bit like play-doh, clean-up is a breeze comparatively.

saturday was one of those days where i was wondering how we were going to get through the "witching hours," from 4-6 pm when the kids would be waking up cranky from naps and before we had to leave for a church supper.  that seemed like the perfect opportunity to pull out the box we had received from timberdoodle.

in our box, we had a 4 oz. bucket of bubber ($10.50), a mirett (a cool sculpting tool for $2.25), a spoon/knife ($.95) and a set of castle molds ($4.95).  when i opened the bucket i was wondering if the 4 oz. would be enough for all three kids, but it turns out it was plenty...and i got to play too.

i'll be honest and say i have never had so much fun modeling and sculpting.  that two hours passed by so quickly and easily, even factoring in the kids' crankiness and difficulty waking up.  we made castles, snowmen, ice cream cones, houses, and modern art.  i could feel all my guilt about stifling my kids' creativity melting away as we played.  zoe told me over and over again how glad she was that we had received this product because she was having "so much fun."  i will say that even though two parts of the castle mold do not work with the bubber, it was the castle set that really made the bubber fun for everyone.  there are two molds that involve filling a tube and then pushing the bubber out.  all three kids (7, 4 and 2) liked doing this the best.  these seem to produce the best finished products as well. when it was time to leave for our supper date, clean-up was a breeze. we just used a big chunk of bubber to pick up the little flaky pieces. the table still looked clean and our hands didn't feel dirty (although the package says to wash your hands after, even though the product is non-toxic). the kids did have some powdery white on their clothes but that went away after a little while.

i think that this video may just tell you better than i can how much we enjoyed our bubber experience...

Untitled from mel myatt on Vimeo.

this is a mama buzz review.  i received the products from timberdoodle to review for this blog.  i was in no other way compensated for doing this review.


  1. What about the smell? That's what I hate most about play-doh.

  2. This is the BEST stuff in the whole universe!!! It really doesn't dry out! It feels amazing and I LOVE it!

  3. This is really awesome stuff. No smell that I detected. Does anyone know what it's made of? My son has allergies.

  4. It's gluten free and I'm suspecting it is cornstarch based. This stuff is awesome, once you bubber, you don't play doh again!


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