Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a new release by five for fighting

i in no way consider myself hip or "with-it."  but i am working on it...i figure that as zoe gets older i need to be up on what's cool and what isn't so that i can embarrass her more effectively.

here is how "un-with-it" i am:  when i heard that five for fighting had a new album available, i figured that it was something too heavy metal for me to enjoy.  i know, it's embarrassing, isn't it?

i received a free download anyway, and i am thoroughly enjoying it.  i am someone who loves billy joel's "the piano man" and also, five for fighting's "superman."  these songs remind me of those two songs.  i really like this cd.

the album has been described as a musical blog or diary, presenting snapshots of american families and even servicemen.  both john ondrasik and co-writer, steven schwartz (of wicked fame), had in mind the song "american pie" as they worked on a few of the songs.  there is a feeling of reminiscence of when times were simpler and life seemed easier, as well as a reminder (with "tuesday") of how the events of 9/11 are still causing incredible pain and havoc in people's lives.

john ondrasik has done a lot of work on behalf of survivors and their families and performs in uso concerts around the world.  he has been recognized for his work in this area, as well as for his dedication to his family with a special fatherhood award (2009 military fatherhood award).  i think his experiences with his family and in support of 9/11 families shows through in the songs on this album.

if you like pop songs that have thoughtful lyrics, you should definitely check this album out.  slice
is available through amazon for $9.99.  you can check out his tour schedule here.

i received a free download of this album to do this review but have in no other way been compensated.  if you buy the album through my links to amazon, i may receive a little money, but not much!

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