Tuesday, October 27, 2009

brandi carlile: give up the ghost

quite a while ago, i downloaded the weekly free song from i-tunes and noticed that the song was by somebody named brandi carlile (i may have had her confused with brenda carlisle from the go-gos).  anyway, i listened to the song ("the story" from the album, the story) and was surprised at how much i liked it (that doesn't usually happen with i-tunes!).

i was glad to hear that she was releasing a new album, give up the ghost.  it doesn't surprise me that she was inspired in her singing career by indigo girls, a favorite of mine.  she has toured with dave matthews band (another favorite) in addition to sheryl crow and ray lamontagne.  i think i could listen to this album all afternoon (actually, i have been listening to it all afternoon!  do you think i'm bugging my family yet?).

i-tunes describes her "incredible range" and "sense of drama" and i think you can hear that for yourself in the music (again, not always true of i-tunes!).  carlile achieved a dream of hers when she shared a duet with childhood idol elton john for the song "caroline."

if i had to describe her myself (which i do only after making sure everyone knows i am a total amateur at this!) i would say "soulful eloquence."  i have been quite happy with this album and i hope that you find you enjoy it as well.

you can find more about brandi carlile and her tour schedule at her website.  her album is available in stores, on her website, on i-tunes and at amazon.

i received a free download of this album from the one2onenetwork.  i have in no other way been compensated for this review.  again, i might get a few pennies if you use my link to amazon to order a copy.  those pennies might be worth a couple wishes!

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