Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the write stuff - a love letter (w/giveaway)

it feels like we just finished our school year, but already i am starting to notice the "back to school" signs and specials at stores like target and office max.

it makes my blood run cold.

every year, we go to the store with school lists tightly gripped in our fists, ready to try to hunt down each and every  thing on the list, while trying to find the best deals possible.  with four kids all begging and whining for things not on their lists, kids crying, "not fair" when they see what a sibling gets that they don't, and with bare shelves wherever the supplies i need are supposed to be, it is enough to make a mom like go running to her bedroom never to be seen again.

it does me in.

that is why i'm so excited about the write stuff.  they are an online school supply company that provides "kits" for schools, organizations and individuals throughout the united states.

the school that tate was going to go to used these kids so parents could pay one fee and have everything each child needed for school delivered right to the school.  no hassle with dragging huge bags of supplies to school, no hunting from store to store to find each thing the teacher wanted.

unfortunately, tessa and zoe's schools do not participate in this program.  that is why i'm so glad that the write stuff also provides products and services to individuals.  if your school does not deliver their supply list to the company, there is an "a la carte" menu for parents to pick exactly what their children need and have it delivered right to their door.

i received a sample kit, and i absolutely love it.  everything is packaged neatly and tidily in a handy cardboard box complete with a handle.  perfect for one of my kids to carry with them on the first day of school.  ours came with a pencil box, markers, crayons, tissues, pencils, an eraser, highlighter, dry erase marker, notebooks and folders.  these are exactly the kind of items that are on my kids' lists but i can never seem to find in the right quantities or all at one store.

normally i am pretty frugally minded so the idea of not getting the best deal of school supplies might make me shy away from a site like this.  after checking out the available products, however, i feel like the cost of the products is only slightly higher than i would find at a store, if i could be sure of getting the very best bargain.  the idea of having everything found for me and delivered right to my door makes this a very attractive option for me personally, in spite of the extra cost that may or may not be involved.

i have one school kit available for one of you readers!  just leave me a comment telling me your best tip for getting ready to go back to school.  i will choose a winner on thursday, june 19 at 4.00 p.m. using  must be 18 to enter; usa residents only.

i received a free sample school supplies kit from the write stuff in exchange for writing this post.  regardless, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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