Tuesday, October 27, 2009

get ready for the ice age! (giveaway)

today is the day that many of your kids (at least!) have probably been waiting for...the release of ice age: dawn of the dinosaurs.  my kids had not seen any of the other ice age movies but that didn't seem to bother them any!

we had our usual sunday night family movie night a couple weeks ago and the kids were very excited to watch the adventures of manny, sid, ellie, diego and even scrat.  i was wondering what they would think since we hadn't seen any of the other movies but they tuned right in to the story.  i'm not sure i've ever heard so much laughing on family movie night.  scrat and his mishaps with a new love provided plenty of comic relief but there was plenty of comedy going on with the main characters as well.

i was wondering how tessa and tate would do with some of the scarier parts (there is a pretty ferocious dinosaur haunting the group).  occasionally tessa found a seat on daddy's lap but overall she seemed to think everyone was free enough from danger that she didn't need to worry.

i think bill and i thought the new character, "buck" (played by simon pegg who was "shaun" in shaun of the dead if you care about that kind of stuff!), was the most hilarious.  he had a lot of jokes that passed over the kids' heads but cracked us up (without being inappropriate).  i think the kids really like scrat (if you are interested, here is a link to an difficult to make scrat costume!)

ice age: dawn of the dinosaurs is rated pg for "some mild rude humor and peril."  i know that bill and i caught each others eyes a couple times wondering if the kids noticed the same "rude humor" we did.  so far nobody has been spouting inappropriate words.  if they do make "rude" jokes, i'm thinking they got that from bill more than from anything else!

ice age: dawn of the dinosaurs is available starting today at a store near you (or at amazon for $14.99).  you can get a single disk version, a three-disk pack that has a blu-ray version, dvd copy and a digital copy or the the scrat pack, which includes an extra disk with scrat shorts if your family are scrat fans.

i also have two copies available to give away!  to be entered for the giveaway, simply leave me a comment telling me the name of your favorite ice age character and/or your best halloween costume ever.  i will announce the winners monday, november 2.  (winners must be in the united states.) 

i received a free copy of the movie to review as well as some halloween trick-or-treating tips care of sid, as well as a glow stick.  i have not in any other way been compensated for this review.  if you buy the movie through my links to amazon, they have said there is something in it for me but i am not yet convinced...


  1. ok. I'll enter. ;-)
    I didn't before because I've never seen these and hadn't heard from anyone that they'd be good for my girls - but an extra Christmas present to give away or donate I'm always up for!!!

    best halloween costume ever???
    I was the burning bush one year - on FIRE! (fake fire, of course)

  2. I think I may have good timing since the contest ends today. We saw this in the theater & the kids really enjoyed it & it was ok for parents too. This was the only Ice Age we saw, I don't think the kids really minded too much starting at #3.

    My best halloween costume ever was probably this year. We went as Things 1, 2, 3 & 4 from the Cat in the Hat book. We had the crazy blue hair & everything, it was pretty fun. Especially the reactions we got at Sam's office because they hardly ever see him out of a suit.

  3. If I am to late that is fine but it can't hurt to try. I haven't seen the movies but my kids have and like them. Just today they asked if we could see if it was available at a redbox yet.

    Favorite costume...in college. Friends and I went as the crew from Mel's Diner. We had Flo, Alice, Mel and I was Vera. Lots of fun.


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