Thursday, October 8, 2009

sleepy sun (review)

Sleepy Sun Cover
sleepy sun
if you have been looking for a classic bedtime story that helps everyone reflect on their day while growing more and more sleepy, this is the book for you.  lavish watercolor illustrations reflect a multicultural and ethnic diversity that obviously stem from kathleen hanson's love for world travel.  tate really enjoyed pointing out the different faces of the sun that change with each location in the story.  i was impressed and surprised that tessa identified the eiffel tower on one page.

the illustrations are wonderful but it is the poetic words of mari hanson that really helped settle my kids down and think sleepytime thoughts as we prepared ourselves for bed.  the book follows the sun's journey around the world as it shines down on various landscapes and countries.  by the end of the book, we can understand why the sun might be ready for a break!

both tessa (age 4) and tate (age 2) seemed to enjoy this book, even though they are at different levels of understanding and comprehension.  they both stayed engaged from the beginning until the end, something that is rare with tate.

i really don't have any criticism of this book.  i can admit that i was wondering how the kids would like this story since the story is more abstract and the watercolor pictures are less defined than what they usually go for.  that concern was quickly put to rest as i started reading.  i'm sure this will be a go-to book for bedtime reading for several more years.

you can find this book on amazon (here: sleepy sun) for $14.99.  if you want to read other reviews of the book, you can look here and here.

i really think this book will be one that you and your toddlers or preschoolers will treasure.

this is a mama buzz review.  a free copy of the book was provided by mari hanson for this review. if you buy the book through the link i've given you here, i might get 50 cents or something...

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  1. I enjoyed your review -- I'm new to reviewing so it is good to see how it's done!


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