Tuesday, October 27, 2009

is it possible to stay home and stay happy?

rachel campos-duffy believes it is.  she has five kids, and if she says that she knows some tips and secrets to "loving at-home motherhood" than i think it is worth hearing what she has to say.

just the other day i was noticing that i have a lot of books geared toward mothers and mothering that i'm not sure i have ever read, if i have even cracked open the cover.  so when i received campos-duffy's book, i have to admit to just a tiny bit of skepticism.  i mean, i am committed to staying at home with the kids, and i am not necessarily unhappy.  i do get tired of feeling embarrassed when people ask that that is all i do.

i have been surprised at how much i am enjoying stay home, stay happy.  her advice is fairly common-sense oriented and yet it has been a good reminder for me of the things that are necessary to do more than just stay sane but to treasure this time with my young kids. 

did you know that an aol study showed that moms actually accomplish 27 hours of work in 24 hours with all our multi-tasking?  no wonder i am so exhausted at the end of every day!  she has tips for how to address that exhaustion as well as tips for fostering healthy relationships and using those relationships to help you handle your load.

my favorite tip so far has been the first one:  recognizing our need for validation, whether we validate ourselves, accepting the validation of our spouses or finding it elsewhere.  sometimes i feel guilty for taking time for myself, as if i'm admitting to laziness instead of accomplishing more around the house.  campos-duffy really helped me to remember that the time for myself is necessary and essential and even that i'm worth it!

stay home, stay happy: 10 secrets to loving at-home motherhood is available now through amazon. if you are looking for a light read with good reminders about the importance of motherhood and tips to finding joy in our long days, i feel confident recommending this book. i'm even thinking about working through it with our moms' group here in town. i think it can help all of us have a healthier view toward ourselves and the role we are blessed to have in our children's lives.

i received a free copy of this book to review but have been in no other way compensated for this review.  this review expresses my honest opinion.  i might also get a dime or two if you buy this book using my link to amazon.  i promise not to spend it all in one place...

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