Tuesday, October 27, 2009

smart sip(ping)

when both tessa and tate were ready to move from breast milk to milk, we had a terrible time with the transition.  for some reason, they just did not seem to like the taste of milk.  gradually, over time, with a sip here and a sip there, we got them to get used to drinking milk.

what i wish i had known about was "smart sips" by gerber.  smart sips is a beverage made with fat-free milk that is loaded with vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fat.  i know that the trend is moving more and more toward eating more natural and organic but i feel like this drink is a good option for toddlers moving toward milk drinking. 

i like knowing that it has extra vitamins and minerals, as well as the ever-popular omega-3 fats.  as i have wondered about the health value of regular milk, it is nice to know there is an option like this available for toddlers. 

tate loves the taste of this milk, and he loves being able to bring milk with him to his play group instead of just plain water.  i have to admit that, personally, i did not like the taste of it.  it is supposed to be vanilla-flavored but it tastes like vanilla soy milk to me (not my favorite, obviously!).  but i am glad to know that tate really enjoys it.  tessa and zoe are actually kind of jealous that tate gets to have it when they don't!

it comes in the form of a juice box, and it does not need to be refrigerated (although you are certainly welcome to do so).  i have never been a big fan of juice so my kids are always the ones with water bottles instead of juice boxes.  i'm glad to have an option for tate now where he can bring milk with him whenever we aren't going to be at home.

and if our next baby has a hard time transitioning to milk, i am definitely going to have this ready as an alternate option!

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