Tuesday, August 10, 2010

percy jackson and the olympians (review and giveaway)

in college, i was advised by a friend to take a little-known class on classical mythology.  this may have been one of the most beneficial classes i took.  who knew how many references and allusions there could be to the gods and the myths that accompany them.

i was excited, therefore, to learn that a book series was out that would make this sort of information accessible to young people.  i started reading the series percy jackson and the olympians to try and figure out when zoe could start reading the series.  since i was reading and enjoying the book, i was even more excited to learn that a movie based on the book was also coming out. 

while i never got to see the movie in the theater (we still need to figure out how to work out babysitting here in chicago), i have been anxiously awaiting its arrival on dvd and blu-ray.  now that i have seen it, i think it is safe to recommend this movie to you as well.

percy jackson and the olympians: the lightening thief is marketed as a family film.  i think it is still too intense for my kids (ages 8, 5, 3 and 5 months), but it is definitely one we will enjoy together when they are a little older.  because it was marketed as a family film, i was expecting the plot to be something geared more for young people than adults. 

instead, i was pleasantly surprised to discover that the movie was one bill and i both thoroughly enjoyed and will enjoy watching again.  there is plenty of action, drama, romance and comedy to satisfy all our desires.  if you are in love with the book, you may be disappointed that a lot has been changed to the plot.  i think, however, that the plot of the movie holds together well and seems to be consistent throughout.  i will be anxious to see if other movies come out based on the other books in the series.

if you think this is something you are also interested in watching, i have two copies available to giveaway.  just leave a comment below telling me which god or goddess you would most like to have for a parent and why.  for a second entry, you can subscribe to the feed for this blog.  simply leave me another comment telling me you have done so.  i will choose two winners on august 31.

i received a copy of this dvd for the purpose of this review from 20th century fox home entertainment and bender/helper impact.  regardless, the opinions expressed here are purely my own.


  1. Hercules - duh...he could totally have whooped the butt's of every guy that needed fending off ;-)

    Well. That was intelligent, wasn't it ;-)?

  2. Please accept my entry into your contest.

    Zeus! because he's the "Father of Gods and men". That pretty much says it all. :-)


    Patricia O.


  3. I wouldn't mind if Apollo was my dad (God of music, healing, plague, prophecies, poetry, and archery; associated with light, truth and the sun.) Sounds pretty wonderful.

  4. I love Athena. She is a protector of what is hers and her temple. She would make a great mom in that respect. We should strive to train and protect our children. I know I've tried!

    arteachersusan at gmail.com


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