Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ecostoreusa baby lotion and rash ointment

poor lilianna has suffered with terrible eczema since she was about a month old.  literally, from head to toe she was a mess of itchy, oozy rashes and sores.  at many times, it has been painful to look at her.  i have tried just about every kind of lotion and cream i could get my hands on to help her feel more comfortable.

in my search, i have been looking to use something on her skin that is plant-based and healthy.  ecostore usa has a variety of options that are made naturally from plants and minerals.  i figure she can use all the help she can get without adding "nasty chemicals" and other additives that her baby skin just doesn't need to be exposure to.

when i received our sample of baby lotion and "nappy balm," i was surprised by the consistency of the lotion ($10).  it was runnier than i was expecting.  it doesn't have the thicker texture and consistency that i usually experience with lotion.  while i think it would be a good moisturizer for babies with healthy skin, i actually found the nappy balm ($10), which has a thicker consistency, worked better for moisturizing lilianna's skin, from head to toe.  while i can't say the baby lotion and diaper rash ointment have cured lilianna's problem (we had to rely on a prescription cream for that), i have been glad to have a moisturizer to use in addition to her prescription cream to keep her comfortable and itch-free.

ecostore usa also has household cleaners, pet products, and adult bath and body products, all made with natural ingredients and free from the chemicals that we like to avoid putting on our skin and into our homes.  they say that they are cost-effective because their concentrated products require you to use less than of other products.  i'm not sure that this is true of the lotion--i felt like i had to use more to make up for the thin consistency, but this has definitely proved true with the nappy balm.

our family is slowly, slowly making changes to use healthier cleaning supplies and bath and body products. i am relatively impressed with the offerings of ecostore usa. i am glad to have choices like this available, particularly for lilianna's sensitive skin. 

i received a free sample of ecostore usa lotion and nappy balm for the purpose of this mamabuzz review.  the opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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  1. If your baby has Nappy rash be sure to use zinc and castor oil creams available from many stores, I find this is the best cream for your baby. It is going back to basics but you do not need to spend all of your money on the latest nappy cream.


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