Saturday, August 28, 2010

date night movie review

since bill and i seem to have difficult finding time to have a date night of our own, we decided to watch date night the movie and try to live vicariously.

after watching this movie, now available on dvd and blu-ray from 20th century home entertainment, maybe we should be glad just to have a quiet night at home together!

for me this movie is a strange combination of displaying some of the issues that we parents go through when we get caught up in the daily grind of home, work and kids. sometimes it is hard to for my to know myself, let alone share that with bill while discovering who he is becoming as we "grow up." date night addresses that issue along with the fear that may somehow start to feel like a necessary option for us as it has for various friends of ours.

just as i was starting to feel like the movie was hitting a little close to home, it took this strange twist into something that i know (no matter what) will never, ever happen to us. perhaps in a rare moment of daring and rudeness, we could consider taking the reservation of someone else, but i'm pretty sure that wouldn't cause us to be chased around town by mob hitmen and dirty cops. nevertheless, we laughed, we cried and we hugged...

with the classic humor from our favorites steve carrell and tina fey, we can attest this is fun movie for husband and wife to enjoy together.


  1. I loved the part where she says, "I can rally." And, she takes her retainer out. :)

  2. cute I will have to add this to my netflix list.


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