Tuesday, August 10, 2010

arm and hammer spinbrush myway! review

zoe and tessa love to do crafts.  i love to be able to provide them with crafts, but then i wonder what to do with all the things we end up collecting when we are done.  if only we could do a craft that is also useful...
enter, the arm and hammer spinbrush myway!  a customizable battery toothbrush ($6.99).  i gave the girls their toothbrushes at the beginning of their rest time one day.  i think it was the quietest they have ever been during rest time.    

each toothbrush comes with over 140 water-safe stickers that include letters to spell out their names, animals, phrases, rainbows, flowers, hearts, etc. as well as princess and rock star themes to choose from.  batteries are included.  dentists recommend changing toothbrushes every three months, so by the time the batteries die, we will probably be ready for new ones anyway.  right now, you can find a coupon for $2 off on the website.

i really enjoyed seeing how each girl made the toothbrush her own.  by the time they finished, each girl's toothbrush matched her personality to such a degree that i never had trouble remembering whose was whose.

while these toothbrushes are marketed to girls, tate was so thrilled with his astronaut shaped spinbrush for kids that he didn't even notice that his didn't have stickers.

as for teeth brushing, i don't think the kids have ever been so excited to brush their teeth.  in fact, we finally had to limit teethbrushing to just a few times a day, instead of all day long!  i was pleased how willing the kids were to brush their own teeth.  with the spinbrush, even if they aren't as thorough as i might be, i feel confident that they are brushing even more effectively with the extra spinning going on.

unfortunately, a few weeks into our tooth-brushing, the kids started to complain about sores on their gums.  i think the brushing was a little too vigorous with the spinning.  we have since put aside the spinbrushes until they are old enough to regulate a little better how hard they are brushing with the spinbrushes.

i received two arm and hammer spinbrush myway! toothbrushes (and a regular spinbrush for tate) for the purpose of this review.  regardless, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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