Wednesday, November 30, 2011

tips for staying healthy this seasons w/wet ones giveaway

you may have heard that we recently had a terrible bout with some kind of flu bug in our family. having four out of six down for the count is my idea of a nightmare, and i don't look forward to repeating that experience throughout this winter season.

that is why i am determined to do everything i can to stay healthy and to keep my family healthy as well. i can only imagine that you have a similar goal for you and your family so i would love to share some tips i learned recently from parenting guru, stacy debroff, and dr. benjamin tanner, a microbiologist.

stacy says that healthy meals with lots of fruits and vegetables can help keep kids' immune systems functioning well. thankfully my kids will eat fruits and vegetables, but a good chewable multivitamin can also do the trick.

we have recently moved up everyone's bedtime so they can get a little more sleep this winter. stacy agrees that a consistent bedtime and nap schedule can really help keep little ones healthy.

bill is obsessed about keeping the kids' hands clean at home and on the road. wet ones antibacterial hand wipes for at home and in a travel size are a great option for washing hands when soap and water are not available. wet ones promises to clean better than hand sanitizers (and are safer if you are worried about little ones trying to drink the hand sanitizer).

dr. tanner says that the cold virus can be found in nasal secretions even a week after a cold's symptoms are gone. not only does this mean that we all have to remain diligent about practicing good hygiene at home, but at school as well when kids are returning to school healthy but contagious!

i am starting to teach my kids to keep their hands away from their faces, thanks to dr. tanner's information that many viruses are transmitted when kids have contact with the virus and then touch their noses or eyes. discouraging face touching can reduce colds by nearly half (and now i need to take this advice myself as well!).

did you know that droplets from sneezes can travel at 45 miles per hour and cover a distance of 10 feet? we definitely need to guard ourselves from these high-flying germs by practicing good hygiene all winter long!

here is a summary of tips you are welcome to print out as good reminders:
if you think that some wet ones antibacterial hand wipes can help you and your family stay healthy this winter, i have a gift pack to give away to one reader. simply leave a comment below telling me your top tip for staying healthy in the winter.

i will choose a winner using on december 3, 2011. must a united states resident and age 18 or above to enter. i reserve the right to modify, suspend or terminate the contest, if the promotion is removed by the web server or is otherwise compromised by illegal acts or electronic bots.  

energizer personal care is providing the prize(s) for this promotion at no cost to me.  this promotion is not being administered or sponsored in any way by energizer personal care or its affiliates, but solely by reviews from the crib. any questions or comments regarding this promotion must be sent to me at reviews from the crib and not to energizer personal care.  all information and the wet ones products were given to me by energizer personal care.  regardless, all opinions expressed here are purely my own.


  1. well, so, here's a tip that our family does that has helped us staying from some of the bugs in the past two winters... every time that we come in the house, after taking our coats & shoes off, we go directly to the bathroom and wash our hands w/ soap & water before doing anything else... just a simple thing of hand washing. that's all.


  2. I l.o.v.e. your blog! Seriously!! Well, I wish I had a good health tip. We don't get sick too terribly often, but this cold season has hit us hard. We are just coming down with round too, and it's hardly December! I guess use more antibacterial wipes??

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