Wednesday, November 2, 2011

outback steakhouse: a new take on steak

most father's days, bill chooses where we will eat out and he chooses...outback steakhouse.  on mother's days, when i get first choice, i usually choose...panera.  or le peep.

but this mother's day?  you just might find me at the outback steakhouse.

bill and i had an opportunity to dine there last wednesday and had an experience like we have never had before.  i'm not sure i would have associated "gourmet" with outback steakhouse prior to this event, but for me, that association isn't far off any longer.

up until now, outback has been known for its delicious bloomin' onion and its classic seasoned and seared steaks.  now they have developed a new method of cooking:  every visitor has a choice between the classic seared steak or a wood-fire grilled steak.

if steak isn't necessarily your first choice, you may also enjoy wood-fire grilled chicken on a delicious salad or as a main dish, wood-fire grilled baby back ribs, wood-fire grilled pork chops, or (my personal favorite), wood-fired grilled hearts of gold mahi (delicious!), along with a variety of other wood-fire grilled options.

as i listened to the chef describe the cooking process of each of these meats, what impressed me the most was the attention to detail.  each piece of meat is carefully selected to find the right amount of fat and marbling to ensure a juicy and delicious taste.  then, the combination of spices are experimented with and worked over to enhance the flavor of each type of meat.  when the decision was made to change to wood-fire grilling, a variety of woods were tested before choosing to stick with oak, because the other woods seemed to affect the flavors of the meats negatively. 

researchers are based in tampa, but specialty chefs from across the country are brought in to give advice and weigh in on decisions so that we the customer benefit from a well thought out and well planned dining experience, no matter where we may be in the country.

as i sampled each type and variety of meat, i was amazed at the flavor, tenderness and juiciness of each bite.  as someone who regularly overcooks the chicken and undercooks the steak, i found myself wanting to savor each and every bite on my plate (and hoarding all the leftovers to myself the next day!).

of course, you won't want to leave without spoiling yourself with one of outback's delectable desserts.  i can personally recommend the carrot cake and the classic cheesecake with raspberry sauce;  both are not to be missed.

if you have been thinking of outback as "out of date," you will want to take the soonest opportunity to go back and reevaluate your opinion.  their new wood-fired grilled options will certainly work hard to change your mind!

bill and i were treated to a special meal by outback through the msl marketing group.  regardless, i can assure you that the thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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