Thursday, November 10, 2011

tiny prints christmas cards

when tessa got home from school yesterday, tate and lilianna were still sleeping.  we took advantage of the time alone to spend a delightful hour scrolling through all of the holiday card choices at tiny prints.  we ended up with about 30 on our "favorites" list.

this was one of tessa's favorites:  

tessa and i both really liked the fact that many of the cards allow you to change the color combination. i think this lets you choose a color that compliments whatever photo you pick, whether you want to use a summer picture or one with everyone in christmas colors. this one comes in black, blue and red.

i really like the quiet simplicity of this one. i feel like it is a good reflection of my personality. then we could put our family picture inside.

since i'm pretty certain we are going to find it challenging to get a picture in which all six of us are smiling, looking at the camera and posed appropriately, i'm thinking that something like this might be better. i have cute candids of all of the kids. it would be fun to group them together for something like this card.

i really find this option intriguing. you give tiny prints the photos you want to use, and one of their editors works them into some kind of aesthetically pleasing arrangement. they email you the proof when they're done to see if you like it. i love the idea of bill and i at the top and the four kids at the bottom. we'll see if i can find some appropriate pictures.

to be honest, tessa and i are going to have to narrow down our choices just a little bit more if we are ever going to make a choice.  last year, i never did make a decision so my cards never got sent.  this year, we are absolutely going to get cards sent out.  i'm pretty sure some people don't even know we had a fourth child.  that's embarrassing.

what about you?  what's your favorite holiday card at tiny prints?

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