Wednesday, November 16, 2011

that's how you use heelys shoes!

my intention was to practice and practice until i became really good at wearing (and using) heelys ($54.99) so that i could write all about how heelys have changed my life; how i wear them every day when i go to pick up the kids at the bus stop; how i wear them around the house to while distributing clean laundry, putting away toys for the umpteenth time or chasing after lilianna.

unfortunately, i have yet to figure out how to use the wheel parts of heelys without completely falling over or, worse, looking like a total doofus. thankfully, bill was willing to cram his toes into my shoes and show us how it is really done.

bill really likes the idea of these for house shoes.  while clearing the table after supper, he can roll to and from the table while barely expending any energy.  thankfully for me, it is possible to wear these shoes both with and without the wheels so, until i'm really ready to get my game on with the wheels, i can still wear them around the neighborhood as a fashion statement.  it is actually very easy to make the switch from wheels to no wheels, using the handy-dandy tool that comes with the shoes.

normally we would think of these as shoes for teens and tweens, but i want to challenge you this holiday season to think about an adult in your life who might really enjoy having a pair of heelys for getting around.  obviously such a person needs to think like a trendsetter.  once people see how great heelys are for getting around, more and more adults will want them for themselves.  imagine how easily moms could travel around the grocery store (i even think i might manage them if i had the shopping cart to hold me up!).  heelys have the possibility of making life a whole lot more simple, efficient and fun.

here are a few facts and tidbits of information:  heelys have a mimalist design that features clean, sleek lines.  this means you can make a fashion statement while tootling around the mall.  they have a light-weight repstop nylon upper and high frequency molded logo on the heel overlay.  everyone will know that you have the real deal, not some cheap knock-off that will fall apart after a few wears.  i don't know what this means, but i find it impressive that they have a faux vulcanized wrap with ninja star bottom, as well as a fats low profile wheel with ABEC 1 bearings (how cool is that!?!?).

if you've begun to think of a trendsetter or two who might be interested in finding a pair of these under the tree, heelys is throwing a black friday special!  between november 25 and november 28, buy any pair of heelys, get the second pair for $25. or buy a heelys nano inline footboard, and get a pair of shoes for $25, and get free ground shipping on all orders!

there are a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from.  if you can't think of an adult who would like these, they make plenty of kid-friendly versions as well.  i know zoe would love to find these under the tree this christmas for her.  now that she's seen bill wearing them around, she wants a pair more than ever!

i received information and a free pair of heelys for the purpose of this review.  regardless, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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