Monday, November 14, 2011

playtex snacker and easy stack bowls (with giveaway)

this is the song i feel like singing every day...

"cheerios here, cheerios there,
cheerios almost everywhere,
cheerios near, cheerios far,
cheerios in my car..."  (sung to the tune of jim gill's, "driving here, driving there")

i love to give lilianna cheerios and other cereals for a snack, but i hate to find them all over the house.  and when i say "all over," i really mean all over.  i have found cheerios in the bathroom, in our bed, and in the toilet (i really don't even want to know).

playtex® has heard the cries, groans and moans of moms and dads who are tired of finding snack food crushed and scattered throughout the house.  they have come up with a new twist ‘n click™ flip top snacker.  we have been using ours for a few weeks now, i absolutely love it.  unlike some other snack cups we've tried, this one comes with a clicking lid.  i can fill it up, twist on the lid until i hear it click, then unsnap the top part of the lid and click it into the bottom,  lilianna can easily reach in and get her food without spilling (too much).  then when she's done, i flip the lid back to the top and seal it up until we need it again.  while she still drops a few cheerios, compared to our previous situation, this now seems minimal.  usually just a couple come out so she can easily pick them up herself right away, before i step on them!

when i need to bring something more substantial for her to have for breakfast or lunch, i love the new twist ‘n click™ easy stack bowls.  after too many times of discovering i didn't get the lid on all the way for some of our other bowls, i appreciate hearing the click with these bowls so i know that the food will be safely kept inside.  these bowls have been great for snacks for tessa and tate too.  they love the size and shape.  i love being able to put a lid on them when needed.  the lids and bowls stack together for easy storage, which makes me feel better about collecting extras.

i have been enjoying my flip top snackers and easy stack bowls so much, i'm excited to be able to offer a set to one of you readers.  just leave a comment below telling me which is the food you most commonly find underfoot at your house.  i will choose a winner on november 21, 2011 using  must be 18 to enter; united states residents only.

i received a set of playtex®  twist ‘n click™ easy stack bowls and twist ‘n click™ flip top snackers for the purpose of this review.  regardless, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.


  1. I haven't been to your site in ages, Melanie! Glad I stopped by today. Hopefully I'll win!

    It seems like I'm always stepping on Cheerios! :)

  2. Always stepping on old hard pasta...

  3. Usually Cheerios. Now if only someone could create a straw cup that doesn't end up dripping all over...

  4. usually cheerios and froot loops and cheetos
    tcogbill at live dot com

  5. Food underfoot.... I would have to say like the others, cheerios... seems like they roll everywhere and anywhere, esp. underfoot.
    1prizewinner at gmail dot com

  6. i always find cheerios!!!

    danav27 at gmail dot com


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