Tuesday, February 2, 2010

thinking about money...

sometimes it seems like all i do is think about money.  it seems like almost everything we can do for fun as a family costs at least a little money.  we have been blessed to do as much as we have been able to do on our limited income, but it is still something that occupies my mind.

kodak and juiceboxjungle (from the ad over on your right) sponsored me to write a post about what I'd do with a surprise extra $100 if someone handed it to me next month.  i'm pretty sure that i could spend it all too quickly.

i would love to say that i would be altruistic and donate it to some charity, particularly for the people of haiti.  definitely, it would be great to give a portion of it to something like that.

i've also thought about some fun post-delivery clothes.  i'm definitely tired of maternity clothes but i know it is going to be awhile before i can fit into anything else after the baby comes.  i had lost almost all of my previous baby weight before i got pregnant (it might just be true that you can lose weight from "chasing" after kids all day).  i got rid of almost all my clothes that had gotten too big.  i might just have to keep wearing the rubber band to hold my pants together for awhile longer...

of course, i could just blow the whole wad on diapers.  i'm pretty sure that is going to be our biggest expense for awhile.  we've gotten used to changing tate's diapers just a couple times a day.  i'm sure we are in for a little diaper shock when this baby comes.

if someone truly were to give me $100 for anything i want, i know exactly what i would do.  i would get a better haircut (don't even get me started on how bad my latest one was) that would make me feel like a cool, hip mama (if that is possible) and, if there was any left, a manicure.  i just have been having a desire to make the parts of me beautiful that i actually can have some control over!

kodak has some information in the ad about how you can save money on printer ink.  if this is something you haven't given some thought to before, you might just want to check out what they have to say...

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