Thursday, February 18, 2010

my new secret weapon...

as my countdown continues, i am trying to remind myself that basically i will just be trading one set of problems for another. but this time around, i have a secret weapon in my arsenal against sleep deprivation.

steaz teas has an energy drink that is different from any other energy drink out there. they use healthy, all-natural ingredients to provide an energy burst to carry you through the most exhausting moments of your day. the makers of steaz hated to think about all the unhealthy, unnatural ingredients that people were subjected to in the quest for a caffeinated beverage. they searched the world to come up with this drink that not only gives you a healthy boost of energy, but tastes great too.

at christmas, bill's aunt molly told us that she had stopped at one of those smoothie places and decided to get an "energy shot" added to her drink.  before she knew it, she was in the hospital having a severe allergic reaction.  the doctor told her that they are seeing more and more people coming in with allergic reactions to red bull and other energy drinks.  there is no need to worry about that with the steaz drink because they only use natural ingredients.

i had an opportunity to eat dinner with the co-founder of steaz teaz, eric schnell.  i was impressed with his commitment to find a healthier choice for soft drinks, as well as his commitment to fair trade, honest wages, and empowering the people who provide the ingredients for the drinks.  his commitment is so strong that he insists on including a picture of some of his farmers on the cans of tea themselves, so we can "get to know" the people who are working to provide us with our drinks.

as a result of his commitment, steaz drinks are certified fair trade, something that has become important to me as awareness grows about slavery and other unfair trade practices among tea providers.  they are also certified organic and certified vegan if those are concerns for you.

if you aren't in need of high energy, steaz also makes some other delicious beverages that are healthier than colas or other tea drinks that may wet your whistle.  steaz iced teaz come in a wide variety of flavors.  my favorite is green tea/blueberry/pomegranate.  i found the flavor just right and quite refreshing.  you can also choose from green tea/peach, green tea/lemon, black tea/lemon, green tea/mint and white tea/lime/pomegranate.  be warned that i found the lightly (and naturally) sweetened versions much tastier than the unsweetened version (maybe that is just because i have been heavily indoctrinated by the southern, "sweet tea" culture).

if a diet version is more your speed, steaz also makes sparkling teaz that are zero calories.  these come in raspberry, orange, blueberry and black cherry.  these are probably my favorite because i love a carbonated beverage but don't like the way i feel after drinking a soda and especially after drinking a diet soda.

they also make a regular sparkling tea available in lime, raspberry, root beer and orange.  i have not had the benefit of trying these yet, but i would love to sample the root beer.

steaz teas are available at whole foods and target.  i would love to tell you more about them, but all of a sudden, i am experiencing a strong craving to go get one for myself (and nobody wants to fight a pregnancy craving, especially at this stage of pregnancy!).

i was treated to dinner with co-founder, eric schnell, and one of his regional managers to learn more about steaz teaz.  they also sent me home with a bag full of samples and a gift card to whole foods.  i have been in no other way compensated for this review, and the opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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