Monday, February 1, 2010

words that rhyme with orange cd review

we are a music-crazy family. we often have to deal with battles over what to listen to in the car and what to listen to at night and naptime. since we received this cd, however, our battles have decidedly lessened. everyone in the family (even mom and dad) can agree on listening to this cd.

peppy music, clever (i mean, very clever) lyrics all make this cd a family favorite.  the kids' favorite song, as best as i can tell, seems to be "happy to be me."  when i sampled the cd here, i had played the song for all of two seconds before tessa started dancing and asking me to turn it up.  i figured that was a good sign.  since we received it in the mail, "juicebox" and "lionmonkeybacondonkey" have joined the list of favorites.

my personal favorite (i've declared it our family theme song) is "the sound of whining" in which we are reminded that "no one likes to hear the sound of whining / whining makes you want to plug your ears and run away / everything sounds better when you're smiling / so no more whining today."  i also love, love, love the song "more," a love song to a child, which i would love to learn well enough to sing to the baby when it comes.  i have to admit that the song, "don't do it" makes me a little sick to my stomach, but i do appreciate the message, particularly as this has been a problem in the past (you'll just have to get the cd to know what i'm talking about!).

i feel like i say this every time, but this is honestly a cd that i am happy to listen to over and over again (unlike this one).  even bill commented (out of the blue) the other day that he really appreciates the clever lyrics of the songs on this cd.  this is definitely a cd that falls in the category of "family favorite."

how do you get it for yourself?  since this is an independent and self-produced cd, you can't find it in stores.  you can, however, find it (and a sample) on ross king's website, as well as on i-tunes and through amazon

the cd is $12.00 from ross king direct, but the download is $9.99 from i-tunes and only $7.99 from amazon. i can honestly say that, though the recommended ages are 2-12, your whole family will be glad to have this cd in their collection.

our family received a copy of this cd from ross king for the purpose of this mama buzz review. regardless, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own. also, if you use my link to amazon to purchase this cd, they have promised me a token of commission.

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