Friday, September 4, 2009

my first review (and a giveaway at that!)

when tate was born, i was pleasantly surprised to learn that the hospital included in our take-home package a halo sleepsack.  this was an item that i did not yet own, but i knew many who thought they were perfect for keeping their baby warm at night, without the danger of suffocation, thereby alleviating the fear of SIDS.

my mom, after observing the baby in the picture on the package, immediately pointed out her concern that the baby's poor arms might get cold.  while i did not share her concern to such an urgent degree, i did wonder how to handle the fact that my babies have always slept better when swaddled.  i ended up not using the sleep sack until later, when tate was ready to sleep without being swaddled.

to my delight, halo sleep sack has combined the best of both worlds.  you may now purchase a sleep sack that comes with a "removable, adjustable swaddle band."  how wonderful is that?  it "adjusts to fit [your] baby snugly and safely" but removes for when your baby still needs to stay warm safely without being swaddled.

i love the soft material they have used.  the two sleep sacks i was sent came in the softest baby blue and delicate baby pink.  in addition, you can buy different sizes to adjust to your growing baby's needs. 

for those of you trying to figure out what the basic needs are for your new baby, i would suggest one halo sleep sack over the millions of blankets that you will inevitably be tantalized by at the store.  not only does the SIDS alliance recommend the sleep sack as the number one safe sleep product, but you will sleep better knowing your baby is keeping warm and safe.

for one special reader, i have a pink sleep sack to give away.  it is a size small, designed to last from birth to 6 months (10 to 18 pounds).  all you must do to enter to win is leave a comment telling me your number one essential baby item.  think of it as the one item you would take with you if you and your baby were stranded on a desert island.

i will pick the winner for this drawing on september 12 at 9.34 pm (cst) this seems like a great way to celebrate my birthday: by offering a gift to you!

for this review, i received two halo sleep sacks, one to keep and one to giveaway.  i have received no other remuneration for this review...


  1. we had these in the NICU for Nora and Sophie and I searched HIGH AND LOW to get some for ourselves - they were AMAZING!!!!

  2. If I win, maybe it will be a sign that we are having a girl...not likely. My most essential baby item with Gabriel has been the Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes. That toy has saved us so much fussing from very early on until the foreseeable future still.

  3. well, i'm not expecting anything right now, but i have several friends who are prego and i think this would be a fantastic gift if they do in fact have girls. my number one essentials are lubby and huggie. we try to leave home without them, but sometimes that just doesn't work ;)

  4. LONG time ago when I had my babies, I always kept a clean diaper with me (and for the first two babies, those diapers were cloth). It wss also very helpful to have a plastic bag to put the wet/dirty one in, too! Love you, Mel!

  5. A few things come to mind...the cover for the infant carrier in the winter months...just got one by Eddie Bauer, using even now because you do not have to bundle up baby...and can zip or ventalate so easy depending on the climate...even has a face pouch to cover in case of rain.

    Also the one piece baby sling, ...before I used a Bjorn...and found this one is better on my backl,,,also cradles baby so nice she is often asleep in minutes.

    I am a big fan of music to 2 CD's Go Fish SNOOZE, and Twila Paris Lullabies K Csora

  6. Oooh! a small sleep sack in pink is just what we need at our house! I agree - a great product and helps me sleep easier at night knowing my baby girl is safe.

    I love my baby bjorn bouncer. It was splurge item for us because it is a little pricier than most, but my sister and cousin had one and loved it. It is very basic - no frills like vibrating, singing, swinging, etc., but my baby enjoys many hours in it each day. It's easy to wash the cover and it is easy to fold flat for travel. (jut today I was testing if it would fit in my suitcase because I hate to go to Texas without it!) Most importantly, the whole thing is soft so she doesn't hit any hard plastic when she is kicking and bouncing herself.

    Music - I love praise baby - it soothes her right down and I don't mind listening to it either.

  7. Thank you Melanie for the review!

    As you may know, October is SIDS Awareness Month and Halo is trying to build as much awareness as possible about SIDS prevention and safe sleep practices. Would you and your readers support us on Facebook?



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