Monday, September 21, 2009

family game night

while our family loves to play games, it seems that we rarely find the time and opportunity to sit down as a family and play together.

hasbro has set aside a day for all of us to take advantage of the good times that can come with a family game night.  research shows that families say the happiest times they have together are when they sit down to play games as a family, but this rarely ever happens (see above).  with this in mind, hasbro has given us an opportunity to put a night on our calendars that will be fun for the whole family.

do you even know where your family's games are?  we keep most of ours under tate's crib, for some unfathomable reason (well, really it isn't that hard to fathom, we simply had no other place available when we moved in).  since it is time to move tate to a big bed, we are going to have to find a new place for the games.  personally, i'm hoping to find a place that is more accessible, so we can have more family game nights after this one.

the other day i received a package full of games from hasbro, and everyone was excited to discover the games inside.  we had a spontaneous family game night that night.  everyone took a turn playing bop-it.  bill got the high score of course, even if he did make tate cry!  then we played a few rounds of boggle.  tessa and zoe played each other with a little help from mom and dad.  it turned out to be a totally unplanned, really great time.

what game will your family play together?  if you need some tips, take a look at the website or follow them on twitter.  happy playing!

i received 5 games from hasbro but no other monetary compensation for this post.

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