Wednesday, September 9, 2009

disney definitely knows magic

thanks to mom central and feld entertainment, the kids and i had the joy of going to disney on ice last night.  we had an absolutely phenomenal time.  highlights included having pictures taken with mickey and minnie, having seats very close to the ice, and watching a great show with characters from all our favorite disney movies.

i was a little nervous about handling the show without bill, who had an unexpected meeting to attend, but everyone did very well.  tate sat entranced through the whole show.  tessa stood for the entire first half so she wouldn't miss a thing.  zoe couldn't tear her eyes away from the ice, but offered a running commentary throughout.

a few of my favorite quotes from the night:

zoe:  "i feel like i just can't stop staying thank you enough.  thank you so much for bringing us here."  "thank you for not saying we couldn't come because daddy couldn't come."  "thank you so much for bringing us by yourself."  "i can't wait to tell the kids at school i got to see disney on ice!"

when i told her we got to be here because of my blog...

"i hope that you keep blogging so we can keep going to things like this!"

tessa: "his head is an apple"  it took me a little bit to understand what she meant but if you ever see the event, check it out.  jiminy cricket's head does look like an apple.

tate:  "nemo.  talk."  i guess he was quite excited that the characters were talking.  they tell the stories from the movies by playing clips from the movies while the characters skate.

unfortunately, tate was focused on a hope that pooh would be there.  i have no idea why.  he doesn't even really know who pooh is.  for the last 20 minutes of our trip to get there, tate kept repeating, "pooh."  "yep. we might see pooh there."  "talk?"  "yes. you can talk to him."  finally, tessa couldn't take anymore.  "i am not excited about going to this if tate is going to keep saying, 'pooh, talk?' over and over.  i'm not excited about going any more."  this cracked me up more than anything else.

i think disney does a great job putting on a fantastic show.  i would recommend it (even after dealing with cranky and tired kids today--it was worth it!)

i received free tickets for our family to see the show, along with parking and a reception before the show.  i did not receive any other compensation for this review.

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