Tuesday, June 15, 2010

yoursphere.com: get a job

zoe has been spending more time in ourWorld, playing games, completing challenges and exploring the different sights and shops. 

when you enter ourWorld, there is so much to do, it can almost seem overwhelming.  there are lots of fun games to play (i myself just may get addicted to the spiderweb solitaire game.  zoe likes the games that require some thinking and strategy like dress up rush).

when you play games successfully, your avatar earns coins, gems and "flow."  you can use these to decorate and furnish your condo, get new clothes and hairstyles for your avatar and move up to higher levels.

one advantage to being at a higher level is that you can get a job at a place like the coffee shop.  zoe spent a little time as the barista.  she changed the music and made a cup of coffee  unfortunately, no one came in to get the cup of coffee from her, but it was an interesting experience for her to think about what it is like to have a job.  it may not always be the most exciting thing to do but it is worth it if you get paid, right?

zoe and i also spent a little time at her condo. she doesn't have many levels or gems to furnish it yet but we had fun checking out some of the different designers and the things that will be available to her eventually.

one thing that zoe is lacking is some friends to have while she is visiting ourWorld or yoursphere.  if your child wants to be a friend with zoe, please help them join yoursphere.  if you use the code YSMC-0070, you can be entered for a weekly drawing of a $50 american express giftcard.  let us know you've joined so zoe can have some friends!

i wrote this review while participating in the yoursphere test drive program by mom central on behalf of yoursphere. i received a free lifetime gold membership on yoursphere.com, yoursphere t-shirts, and a $50 american express gift card to facilitate my review.

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