Friday, June 25, 2010

wanchai ferry beef and broccoli review and giveaway

i took this picture after i had already served some of this to everyone.  you can totally see why i am not a food blogger!
ever have one of those days when you wish supper would just cook itself? ever want to have chinese takeout without actually having to go and take it out?

wanchai ferry has created some frozen entrees with you in mind. these chinese meals come with everything you need to make a restaurant quality meal for two in just 14 minutes. for example, the beef and broccoli meal comes with beef strips, asian-style vegetables (including broccoli florets, red peppers and water chestnuts), rice and a delicious brown soy and garlic flavored sauce. simply stir fry the meat and vegetables while the rice is in the microwave, add the sauce ingredients and serve.

other flavors you might enjoy are kung pao chicken, szechuan style chicken, organge chicken, shrimp lo mein, spicy garlic chicken and sweet and sour chicken. i appreciate that none of the entrees have added msg. if you need an extra incentive, you can find a coupon to get $1.50 off here. if you need some meal tips to enhance your dining pleasure, take a look over here.

my family eats asian-style food quite often so i wasn't worried about how the kids would handle the flavors. what was a little disappointing is the amount of food in the package. when they say "dinner for two," they mean dinner for two people who are watching what they eat and won't really eat that much anyway. i supplemented the meal for our family of six by cutting up some leftover grilled hamburgers and adding some sliced vegetables that we had on hand. i invented my own sauce (although the package came with enough sauce, i could probably have used that for both). we eat a lot of rice so i made some of that in the rice cooker and served them side by side.

the kids were pleased with both entrees. they liked the flavor of both. no one seemed to have a preference of one over the other. overall, i would say the falvor is good. the beef was a little chewy but the vegetables tasted fresh.

i would say, in the future, i would be happy to buy a wenchai ferry frozen entree for bill to have when i'm out of town with the kids. this would also be a great meal to have on hand for a time when bill and i are having a date night and i want something simple for the kids to eat while i'm getting ready. if we were ever going to have this for a family meal, i would need probably need three bags, which seems a little cost prohibitive to me.

if you would like the opportunity to have a free sample for yourself, i have one to offer. the prize pack includes a vip coupon and two individual tea sets (with some very delicious green tea). if you are interested, leave a comment here telling me your favorite chinese meal (us residents only please). i will choose a winner using on july 11.

i received a frozen meal and tea set for two from wanchai ferry through myblogspark.  they are happy to offer me the prize pack to give away as well.  the opinions (and picture) are purely my own.  you can take them or leave them!


  1. I love this little Chinese takeout place near our house. It's called No. 1 Chinese. They have really good General Tso's Chicken, which is my favorite. And, the all-important egg rolls are great there, too. I've also recently become a green tea lover, thanks to my new friends from China. So, pick me!!!

  2. My fave chinese meal is Boneless Almond Chicken but I also love fried rice with a tiny drizzle of sweet n sour sauce on it. :-)

  3. Seseme Seed Chicken!

  4. My favorite Chinese meal is Beef & Broccoli :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  5. I love mongolian beef, which, by chance, I can get at local Chinese restaurants!

  6. I love Chicken and snow peas.



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