Monday, May 31, 2010 ourworld

this week i learned that if i want to keep zoe so occupied that she can't even hear me talk to her, i should just let her get on yoursphere to play some games.

our assignment this past week was to spend some time in "ourworld" playing games and dressing and designing her avatar.

you wanna know what is really embarrassing?  having your daughter better at playing computer games than you are?  it is also embarrassing to be caught out playing these games when you are supposed to be doing other things.

it took me a little while to figure out how to navigate the world of ourworld.  which meant i needed to spend a bit of time on it before i could show zoe how to do it.  we both seem to have the knack of things now.

what is a little confusing is that you need to earn "flow" as well as coins and gems to gain more "levels" to have more access to clothes, places and contests.  i always get a little nervous about having to earn things and keep track of challenges, etc.  zoe hates to spend money or gems or whatever so it will be difficult to fulfill all the challenges and earn more "flow" because spending money is a requirement for a lot of these things.

a few games we both like are "bejeweled 2," "furballs' and "kyobi."  she really enjoyed the "splatterbox." she discovered that one right before we left for church yesterday so she didn't have as much time as she would like to really see all that can be done there.  she also seems more comfortable navigating the different places of "ourworld."  she even found a way down a waterfall to a toxic beach.  i'm not sure what the point of that was but we both found her green skin color interesting.

i think as zoe gets older, she will like the cooler "groove" this place has, as opposed to webkinz and  for right now, i feel like some of the clothing choices, etc. are still a little more "mature" than i would like for her at this time.  i almost wish there were two "yourspheres," one for the young teens that are obviously being marketed to and one for the 'tweens and preteens that don't need exposure to the romance and sexiness that i see occasionally.  maybe when you enter your age at registration, that could determine which "yoursphere" you go into.

overall, i am glad for her to have a place like this to explore that is safe from weirdos, etc. zoe is really enjoying having her own place to explore, create, express herself and make friends.  if you would like to check out this place for your own child (or even play a few games yourself!), you can use the code YSMC-007 when you register.  it is free to register and to participate in the website.

i wrote this review while participating in the yoursphere test drive program by mom central on behalf of yoursphere. I received a free lifetime gold membership on, yoursphere t-shirts, and a $50 american express gift card to facilitate my review.

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