Monday, May 3, 2010

covermate food covers review

about three times a year i have to clean out our "tupperware" cupboard (we don't actually own any tupperware but what else can you call them? reusable storage containers?). i don't understand what happens in there. it seems like bowls and lids multiply behind those closed doors. unfortunately, those bowls and lids never seem to match up with each other. some days we can hardly close the door because they threaten to come spilling out, yet we can rarely find a match.

now with all the fear and stress about bpa and phalates, i hardly ever dare use those containers anyway. i have received a few glass bowls to use, but they never seem to be clean when we're ready to pack up our leftovers. since we are without a dishwasher, i think the easiest and most efficient thing to do is just cover up the bowls we served our food in.

enter covermate food covers. covermate food covers are plastic covers that have a special "flexband" that keeps the cover right on the bowl. amazingly enough, they can fit on round bowls or square dishes. they can fit on your "topless" reusable storage containers, over plates or platters.  unlike plastic wrap, they are washable and resusable.  you can get into your containers as many times as you need, then turn them inside out over a plate and throw them in your dishwasher, ready for next time.

CoverMate Food Covers covermate food covers are sold in individual boxes of medium size covers (12 ct), large size covers (10 ct) and a variety pack (10 ct) which contains a selection of medium, large and extra large size covers.

my grandma actually had something similar to these (though not nearly as nice or well made) when i was growing up.  i always thought they were something you could only get in canada for some reason.  now here i have my very own set that i can use again and again.  no more sticking my head deep into a cupboard trying to find an elusive lid.  these take up a lot less storage space than all my bowls and lids and are also less unwieldy.  they are microwave-safe as well, although i myself am a little hesitant to use them in the microwave, because i just don't like to use plastic in the microwave if i can help it.

the good news for you is that you can get a free sample here.  you just pay the $3.95 shipping and handling.  you will also receive a $1 off coupon for your next purchase.  you can find these at target,amazon, and a variety of other grocery stores.

this is a mamabuzz review. i received a sample of covermate covers from covermate, inc. for the purpose of this review. regardless, the opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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  1. I remeber these as a kid, they always reminded me of shower caps ;-)

    and I just threw all our plastic in the recycle when we moved and am replacing with glass storage pieces slowly.

    these look cool too!


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