Sunday, May 23, 2010 looking at spheres

zoe and i have spent a little more time on the yoursphere website.  we decided to join a "sphere" and even invent one of our own.  on the yoursphere site, "spheres" provide an opportunity to connect with people with similar interests.

zoe absolutely loves animals so that seemed like the best subject for us to check out.  there are other spheres for music, tv/movies, sports and fashion, etc.  these seemed geared toward kids who are older and more a part of the "teen scene."

we found one site that is very cute and very well done called "giraffes."  it has some really great pictures of giraffes.  we really like the baby giraffe with its mama.  there is a cute video too.  you should definitely check it out

we then decided to get a little brave and we created our own sphere.  i think zoe still secretly hopes she's going to get a dog for her birthday.  we decided to make a sphere about dogs.  she titled it "dogs, dogs, dogs."  we found a cute picture of a dog nose on flickr for the sphere logo.  then we found a cute video on vimeo to add.  finally, she laboriously typed a very short group post about how much she loves dogs (you'll have to check it out yourself to see what she says!).

i was a little unclear about how the spheres worked before i started looking into them.  i think it is a nice, easy and safe opportunity for self-expression.  i hope together we can come up with some more fun sphere ideas and find other (age-appropriate) ones for zoe to join as well.

remember, if you want to give it a try with your child, use the code YSMC-007 to help us out a little bit!

i wrote this review while participating in the yoursphere test drive program by mom central on behalf of yoursphere. I received a free lifetime gold membership on, yoursphere t-shirts, and a $50 american express gift card to facilitate my review.

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