Wednesday, November 4, 2009

quite possibly the best giveaway ever...

we are totally loving our new tyndale mosaic Bible (new living translation).  bill especially has been grateful to find a Bible/devotional that recognizes the depth and richness of the history of Christianity.  unless you have a drive and passion for reading the early church fathers (and can figure out where to begin and which readings are most valuable), you probably haven't spent much time reading people who lived and wrote in the early centuries.  this Bible provides easy access to well known as well as more obscure thinkers from every century and from around the world.

this Bible also provides good accountability, something from which i can really benefit.  the devotional readings are laid out according to the church calendar so you will know when you are getting behind in your readings!  it is also a good way to gain exposure to what the church celebrates or recognizes throughout the year.  those of you who like to prepare for christmas by doing some advent readings will like the ones given here.  but how often are we given lent readings to prepare us for easter? how often do we have opportunity to focus our thoughts on other church events that make up the church calendar year?  this Bible gives a devotional direction for your thoughts and reflections throughout the year.

i am quite excited to tell you about a great opportunity available to you.  on november 23, i will have a guest blogger who will write more (knowledgeably) about this Bible; he would like to answer your questions.  i also have one copy of this Bible to giveaway.  all you have to do is leave a comment with a question you have about this Bible.  write it here before november 22, and you will be entered to win.  this is definitely a giveaway you won't want to miss!  look for the answers to your questions in a post on this blog, november 23.

i received a free copy of this Bible from tyndale to review it for you.  i also have a certificate to offer you a free copy.  i have been in no other way compensated for this review.  they didn't even tell me i have to say nice things about it.  i just really love this Bible.  i also provided a link to amazon for you to help you make a purchase, if you so choose.  if you do that, amazon might give me a little bit of spare change. 


  1. Does this Bible also give some background on the people of the Bible? I've always had such a facination with Peter--the guy walks on water and denies Christ 3 times. I wish I knew more of him and his life and his life after Jesus died. I think I identify with Peter because while I think I have big faith some days, it seems pretty puny on other days. :-)

  2. I would like to know about the translation. I am familiar with the NIV and our church uses the ESV, but I don't know much about the NLT. I look forward to your "guest blogger!"

  3. I am curious about how the editors chose the writers for the devotions, etc. Did they have a specific criteria they were aiming for? How did they narrow down the "list"? Was it a long lengthy process? I just imagine it taking forever for all those involved to come to agreement on such a large-scale project.

  4. What new insights have you gained about the history of the Church through this Bible?

  5. no questions, I'd just love to get my hands on this!


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