Tuesday, November 10, 2009

iron man: armored adventures (volume 1) review

if there was one video that bill was excited to see come in the mail it was iron man: armored adventures.  i have to admit that i felt a little thrill of excitement of my own.  some of my favorite cartoons growing up were batman and spiderman.  now i was interested to see what the adventures of tony stark would be like.

bill and i both really enjoyed this dvd.  tate would have liked it if we had let him watch more of it.  it is still a little intense for the younger set but he will definitely enjoy it when he gets older.  the story line is good, the dialogue is witty and the graphics are well-done.

the storyline differs quite a bit from the movie, if you watched it, because here tony stark is a 16-year-old genius.  he is able to come up with incredible technological marvels but an evil man wants to take his ideas and use them for weapons and war.  when his dad dies, this man takes over the company, leaving tony out of the loop.  it is up to iron man to fight tragedy, corruption and conspiracy, not only to protect his father's legacy but also to protect the world from some other evil forces that are seeking power.

he doesn't have to work alone, however, he has some great friends, jim rhodes and pepper potts who assist him with his "high-speed flight, high-tech battles and high-octane quests for justice."

my only reservations with this dvd series is that it really is better for the tween set.  i am not ready to let my kids watch them with us.  that said, i think it is a great series for tweens and adults alike! 

i received a free copy of iron man: armored adventures, vol. 1 from genius products.  i have in no other way been compensated for this review.  the views and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.  if you use my link to buy a copy from amazon, i may get some spare change from them...

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