Monday, November 9, 2009

"the greatest show on earth"

we had the opportunity to go to the ringling bros./barnum and baily circus last thursday thanks to the feld family. if you like the circus, you will really like "zing, zang, zoom." it has just about everything you would expect, plus a few things you wouldn't.

as far as circuses go, this is one of the best productions i have ever been to. the animals were clean and healthy-looking and actually seemed to enjoy performing (i have a few questions about the horses but i'm letting them slide). i cannot even count the times that i looked over at bill and mouthed, "how did they do that?"

there was magic with animals disappearing and people reappearing, incredible acrobatic, high wire and aerial feats and just plain fun with clowns galore. at one point, we watched an entire act performed upside down with no visible signs of wires or anything else holding the performers to the ceiling. i have to admit that was probably my favorite part. if you have never witnessed badminton played from the ceiling, this is a sight to see.

tate was especially looking forward to the tigers.  they came out for the second act and didn't disappoint.  listening to their roars made us wonder how safe the tamer actually was, but he showed a lot of love and affection toward the cats.  it is amazing to think that 500 pounds of cat can hop, bounce and leap like these animals do.

if you plan on attending, make sure you get there early enough for the pre-show.  it is a great opportunity to interact with the clowns and other performers.  even the elephants come out for some fun, including a demonstration of their artistic ability.  this is the part where tate freaked out so you might want to make sure your kids are of an age to handle crowds and clowns coming right up to you. 

if you are in the chicago area, this is still plenty of opportunity to get to a show.  this week the circus is still at the allstate arena in rosemont.  then you can catch it at the united center for the following two weeks.  use the coupon code "MOM" when purchasing your tickets for 4 tickets for $44 (on weekdays and friday matinees) or $4 off tickets for weekend shows.

i received tickets for my family to attend this show from mom central and the feld family.  i have in no other way been compensated for this review.  the thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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