Wednesday, August 8, 2012

join me for a pretty muddy mud run (w/giveaway)

have you ever watched your kids playing in the mud and thought, "that sure looks like fun!  i sure wish that i could jump and play in the mud too."

me neither.  

usually i'm wondering if i will ever be able to get their clothes even close to clean.

what i have thought is that i wish there were more opportunities for me to get together with other women and do something that is fun, challenging, and just a little bit crazy.

on september 15, 2012, in orland park, women across chicagoland have the opportunity to be a part of something pretty new, pretty awesome and pretty messy.  

i still am not sure how excited i feel about getting muddy, but i am really looking forward to being a party of a fun outing that is just for women.  i'm also glad to have a reason to try to get back into shape (after all, i don't want to finish the obstacle course an hour after everyone else!).  the nice thing about this race, however (because who can really get "into shape" in a month or less anyway?!?!), is that it isn't a race, you don't have to run, ergo, you don't have to be in shape to participate!  it is just about women having fun together doing something they (probably) wouldn't ordinarily do.

if you would be interested in joining, take a look at the website to learn more about the event.  i am pretty excited about the fact that chicago is the first city giving this a try.  the event will take place on a farm in orland park.  the cost is $69.50, and if you sign up early (by august 14), you get a free t-shirt.  

you can sign up here (affiliate link) to join me.  the truth is that i am just a teeny-tiny freaked out that i have actually signed up for this event, so i would absolutely love it if some of you would join me.  surely you can't think of anything more fun to do!

you can also leave a comment below, tell ing me what you think i should do to start getting into shape.  I will choose a winner of a free registration and a t-shirt on tuesday, august 14, 2012, using (you probably want to be in the chicago area to enter; must be 18 to win).

i'll be sure to post some pictures from my pretty muddy experience!

i received a complimentary registration and t-shirt in exchange for sharing this information with you.  i also have an affiliate link that earns me $5 for each person who signs up using that link.  regardless, i am excited about participating in this crazy event and desperately hoping someone i know will join me!


  1. I personally HATE cardio and love strength training but I still have no dillusions of being able to complete some of these obstacles, but would still love to try.
    I think just starting walking is the best way to start to get healthier. From there you have to find something that works for you, its really about something you ENJOY doing

  2. I'm with Lisa--cardio, blech! I do love yoga though and find it to be a good workout and really relaxing. As a mom, I'm sure you could use a little relaxation! :)

  3. I say - WALKING. That is easy,low impact. i have been doing it a lot lately


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