Thursday, August 9, 2012

beat the summer slide with reading eggs reading program

i have not been as structured about getting my kids to do schoolwork as i intended at the beginning of the summer.  maybe i should i intend every summer!

our days just seem to fly by.  we are either rushing out the door to get to some activity, or the kids are enjoying some much-needed and much-deserved time to play creatively and freely, without specific instruction from me.  it is hard to break into that to get them to do school work.

that's why i am thankful for the reading eggs website.  it is a learn to read online program that works with kids at any level to build them up step by step and turn them into readers.  i especially did not want tate to lose the reading skills he had learned in preschool this past year.  i want him to start kindergarten already ahead of the game.  i think reading eggs website has been a great tool for us in that regard.  

he loves to play on the computer anyway, and he hates reading aloud to me.  the games are so much fun, he doesn't even seem to notice that he is reading.  i love it because he can do it by himself but i am confident that he is learning and reinforcing important skills.  he loved being able to create his own avatar.  when he accomplishes levels and earns credit, he will have more options to choose for his avatar:

 the graphics are a little cheesy and some of the games require a dexterity with the mouse that have been a little challenging for tate.  if you have younger kids, you will want to help them maneuver the mouse for some of the games.  otherwise, i absolutely love the website.

reading eggspress has levels available for more advanced readers, like tessa and even zoe.

as tate accomplishes levels, more places are unlocked so he has more to explore and discover.  it seems to take a lot of time to move up to a higher level and get more places unlocked.  tate has not seemed to notice this, however, and doesn't really care.  he loves playing the games any chance he gets.  

if you think this is something your kids might possibly be interested in, reading eggs and reading eggspress offers parents and teachers a free trial (for parents, you can have up to three kids signed up). 

give it a try.  it may just be something you want to continue using, even into the school year!

i received a free trial of the reading eggs online learn to read  program for one child in exchange for writing this review.  regardless, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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  1. has great reading content for kids as well and it is free!


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