Monday, April 16, 2012

toydozer literally cleans house! (w/giveaway)

about once a week, i don protective clothing, assume a safety position and then tell my kids they have to clean the toy room.

it isn't exactly their favorite chore.

last week i had a completely different experience.  after opening our new "toydozer," tate and tessa could hardly wait to clean up the gigantic pile of toy animals and fisher-price people that they had made earlier in the day.  i knew that they would be happy to try the new product, but i honestly had no idea that they would show much enthusiasm for cleaning up.

the tagline for the toydozer is "less cleaning. more playing!" and, for our family, this has really proven true.  this was the first time in my experience that the time spent cleaning was relatively equal to the time it took to make the mess (basically dumping out the box of toys).  tate and lilianna were both able to manipulate the two parts of the product and cleaned up very quickly with little complaining.  i should say that we used this on our hardwood floors; i'm not sure if picking up toys from carpet would be harder or not. 

the toydozer is composed of two parts.  toys are gathered with a piece that is modeled after the blade of a bulldozer.  the "scoop" is modeled after a bulldozer scoop and easily allows toys to be poured back into a container.  the concept is similar to sweeping a pile with a broom into a dustpan.  we have actually used a broom to collect toys before, but this usually collects a lot of dust and debris with the toys (of course i would appreciate your restraint in leaping to judgment about my housecleaning!).  the toydozer works a lot better for collecting toys without all the debris.  when we are done cleaning, the "gatherer" attaches with velcro to the "scoop" so they always stay together.

the toydozer is made of sturdy plastic and comes in blue, yellow or purple.  it retails for $18.99 and, at this time is only available on their website.  you can also learn more by following them on twitter  or checking out their facebook page.  you can use the code BLOGGER20 to get 20% off of your order.

i am very excited to be able to offer a toydozer to one of you readers.  just leave me a comment below telling me which of your kids' toys you would love to clean up (or, even better, have them clean up) with a toydozer.  i will choose a winner using on april 23.  must be 18 to enter; usa residents only.

this post is part of a toydozer blogger outreach campaign. participating bloggers (including myself) have been provided with a complimentary toydozer to review and have been compensated for their time. regardless, all thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.


  1. i just had a HORRIBLE day of cleaning up the playroom with the boys. do you want me to just name one toy? it'd have to be legos i guess. but i could say train tracks, hot wheels, tinker toys, batman supplies...

  2. I would have to say Legos, Legos, Legos. I have 4 kids who ALL play with Legos and when they all get into it, they seem to go everywhere. I think it would also be helpful for cleaning up after we do crafts because so many pieces of paper, crayons, marker caps, etc seem to find themselves on the floor.

  3. I have put off letting the kids play with their Little Pet Shop toys because of all the little pieces that come with them. I think because of all the small pieces, it is easy for them to lose interest in these and then they remain on the floor, waiting for someone to scream about how they need to be put away. Perhaps the toydozer could help to sweep the LPS toys/pieces more quickly, thus making it a little more enjoyable to play with them, knowing that the cleanup would be better.

  4. Tyler would LOVE this!!! Not only does he love to clean up but he loves the tools to do it! He could clean up his all of his various blocks, his cars, everything. What a cool thing for kids. Thanks for posting about this, Mel!

  5. Little people, blocks, legos...the possibilities are endless!


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