Tuesday, April 24, 2012

general mills encourages kids to drink more milk (w/giveaway)

you know i'm a "mean mom" because i make my kids...

...eat the crusts on their bread.

...eat the peels on their apples.

...drink the last of their milk after they finish their cereal.

i'm starting to feel a little bit better about my "meanness" after learning from general mills that when kids drink their leftover milk from cereal bowls, they are closer to fulfilling their body's daily diary, calcium, and vitamin d needs.

to help kids feel better about finishing up those last drops of milk, certain "big g" cereals now include fun colorful straws that feature favorite big g cereal characters.  these straws are collectable, connectable and curvy!  while they have fun using the straws to drink their milk, you can feel better about helping your kids work toward stronger bones and muscles due to their calcium intake.

here are a few fun facts that general mills wants you to know...

  • there are six different colorful straws you can collect.
  • participating big g cereals include:  dinnamon toast crunch® (17 oz.), lucky charms®(16 oz.), reese’s® puffs (18 oz.), honey nut cheerios® (17 oz.), trix®(14.8 oz)  and cocoa puffs® (16.5 oz).
  • big g cereals are made with more whole grain than any other ingredient.  combined with a ½ cup of milk, these big g cereals can provide a great start to your children's day.
still not convinced?  you can get a coupon here for $1.25 off two (2) boxes of big g cereal...

...and you know how i love to offer you all something fun for your day.  i have a package to send to someone with a box of big g cereal, a "spilled milk" shaped bowl (so fun!), two glowing cups, two tangle toys and (of course) a curvy straw.

just leave a comment below telling me your tricks for getting your kids (or maybe yourself!) to drink more milk.  i will choose a winner using random.org on may 1, 2012.  (usa residents only; must be 18 to enter.)

i received this information, a prize pack and a giveaway by general mills through myblogspark.  regardless, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.


  1. We're actually huge milk drinkers, but for the renta kids I like to add a little Ovaltine in their milk and they always drink it all up. Maybe not the healthiest or best method but it works.

  2. I make mine drink from their cereal bowls, too, and we eat a LOT of cereal. I think straws help make drinking milk more fun.

  3. My kids love milk! So its not hard to get them to drink it!

  4. I buy strawberry syrup to put in it. he'll eat it when it tastes likr strawberries!


  5. We like milk-- so it's not hard to make us drink it!

    karin56381 (at) gmail.com

  6. Nestle Quik... does it every time!!!

  7. My daughter does pretty good in drinking her milk after the cereal is gone. But to drink plain milk, I buy her a donut or Mexican sweet bread. Thanks! daniela6968 at gmail dot com

  8. I can always get them to drink all their milk by telling them that their bones will be healthier and they won't slouch or look like their 86 year-old Aunt Mary Ann - This makes them practically chug it!


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