Thursday, September 1, 2011

mat kearney's young love review

if there is one thing that i love to have when i have a lot of work to do on the computer, it is new music. everyone in my house knows that i can't do anything without some music playing. mat kearney's new album, young love, makes a great soundtrack for every day life. 

lately, on pandora, i've been listening to jack johnson, colbie caillat and jason mraz; i would definitely group mat kearney in with this group.  while i don't want to listen to kids' music all day long, there is something about the playfulness of the songs written by kearney and these others that i prefer when i have a long list of chores to get through.

while i may not be as uninhibited as my children, the opening track, "hey mama" makes me want to get up and start dancing right along with them.  "like ships in the night" describes a couple who can't quite get on track with each other, yet a commitment is made to find a way back together.  most of the songs ("count on me, "she got the honey," "chasing the light," etc.) describe a love that has problems to deal with but remains committed to work things out no matter what obstacles need to be overcome.   all of the tunes draw one in and make you either feel like dancing like no one's watching or letting the music wash over you and calm you down.

when i listen to this album, i definitely feel better about having to wash a counter full of dishes or fold mountain after mountain of laundry.  i also appreciate that this is the kind of music i can listen to in the company of my children without worrying about an off-color lyric or a questionable image.  if you are in the market for some feel-good, makes-you-happy kind of music, give mat kearney's album a try.

i received a free download of this album for the purpose of this review from the one2one network.  regardless, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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  1. Can you tell me anything about his famous song " Count on me" ike the meaning of why he made this song for?

    Im Very interested in it for an Assignment and would love to know about it.


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