Wednesday, September 28, 2011

disney on ice: magical journey is enthralling

things are finally starting to get on track around here. who knew it would take four weeks of school to feel like we are in a routine that we can (barely) handle? as we worked our way through transition woes, we were happy to be able to celebrate the first week of school by attending disney on ice: magical journey. after a week of tears, fears and stress, i was so happy to look over at my kids' faces during the show and observe looks of joy and wonder on their faces.

even though it has been a few weeks since we saw the show, the kids are still talking about that experience. tate especially loves to remind me about various scenes and songs that have stuck with him. i remember two years ago he was convinced that the characters from disney on ice lived around here and that if we would just stop at various buildings he spotted we could go and visit the characters. thankfully he seems to have outgrown that misconception, but he is already starting to ask me about the next time we can go see disney on ice.

the quality of the ice skating at these shows is always so good. sometimes it is hard for me to choose what to focus on: the fabulous skills of the skaters, the incredible costumes and scenery or the songs and stories that we have loved for so long. at this performance, i thought there was less an emphasis on telling the story than of creating a magical environment with a lot of really big, impressive musical ensembles. my kids didn't seem to mind that their favorite stories were not retold. they were just as wowed by the spectacular performances and technical marvels as we were.

while we have to wait until next january to see disney on ice: dare to dream (featuring our favorite movie, tangled), we're looking forward to the ringling brothers and barnam and bailey: fully charged show coming in november.

maybe we'll see you there...

we received complimentary tickets to disney on ice: magical journey.  regardless, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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