Friday, August 5, 2011

time island - a safe place for my kids to "hang out" (w/giveaway)

i am starting to recognize that zoe and tessa are getting a little old to play on the pbskids website all the time.  tate still loves it, and i'm so glad that he has a safe place to develop some computer skills and learn...something...while having fun.  but zoe, especially, is ready for something a little more age-appropriate.

this is why i was glad to hear about a new website called "time island."  time island is a safe place (on the internet!) for kids to hang out and play. 

your child can register on the site and choose a look for his/her avatar.  then, you child can take his/her avatar all around the island, playing games and finding various items needed for survival on the island.

i played on the site a little bit using my daughter's avatar.  the games are fun and, of course, it is fun to explore a new place and see what there is to see.  the site is still being developed, and that shows a bit, but the owners of the site are very receptive to hearing about things that need to be fixed or changed.

zoe, tessa and tate have all signed up for their own avatars.  they seem to really enjoy exploring and playing the games.

i wish that the girl avatar was a little less sexy.  she has a choice of clothing between a torn shirt or a sports bra kind of top.  i really prefer my kids to have less skin exposure, even when we are just talking about computer people!

i'm curious to see how the site continues to develop over time.  so far my kids haven't run into other "people" on the island, but supposedly time island is a place where kids can interact safely, without fear of predators.  parents have access to their children's accounts and can monitor their activities for safety.

for now, i will let my kids continue to play on time island and see how things continue to improve.

if you would like to give time island a try, you can register your child here.  if you think they would enjoy a time island prize pack, full of temporary tattoos, rubber bracelets, and stickers, leave a comment below telling me about  your child's favorite website.  you can have a second entry if you subscribe to this blog.  i will choose a winner using on august 15, 2011.

i received a gift pack of my own as a thank you for writing this review, from mom select.  regardless, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.


  1. I get nervous about these interactive websites. It's hard to know when and how to let go a little! Michael loves, but I have to approve the games before he can play a new one. Some aren't very wholesome. Marie and Luke still love nickjr and pbskids.


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