Friday, August 5, 2011

kelloggs fiberplus cereals hit the spot in the morning

the truth of the matter is that i am a sporadic breakfast eater, at best.  if i have to choose between getting dressed in the morning and eating breakfast, i generally choose to get dressed.

kelloggs fiberplus cereals have given me a better incentive to make sure i actually make time to feed myself in the morning.  i have recognized that i need more healthy fiber in my diet (try as i might, i just haven't been able to incorporate more vegetables into my morning or lunchtime routine).  kelloggs fiberplus cereals have offered me a very tasty way to get more fiber.

i had the pleasure of trying kelloggs fiberplus berry yogurt crunch and kelloggs fiberplus cinnamon oat crunch.  actually, i left with the kids for a week right after the package arrived.  when i came back, bill had already eaten the entire box of fiberplus berry yogurt, so i think it is safe to say that, from his perspective that cereal is a hit.  the flakes are lightly sweetened which gives them a crunch i like (i really hate soggy cereal).  there are yogurt covered clusters and berry clusters as well that are a welcome addition.  each serving provides 25g of whole grain which is 40% of your daily recommended allowance of fiber.

obviously bill likes this cereal, and i do too (now that i have bought myself a box to try).  i find it is a little sweet for my taste (in the morning--i love it for an evening snack).  this is the kind of cereal i like to have on top of a plain cereal, like corn flakes or cheerios.

the other box i tried was kelloggs fiberplus cinnamon oat crunch.  these are similar to cheerios but they have a lot more cinnamon.  i really liked the cinnamon flavor of this cereal.  again, the cereal is pretty sweet (7g of sugar for a 3/4 cup serving).  but you can't beat the fact that you get 16g of whole grain and 35% of your daily recommended allowance of fiber). 

both cereals are also full of antioxidants which i find beneficial.  if i'm going to eat something this sweet, either for a snack or for breakfast, then i would like to choose something that has plenty of health benefits for me and the kids.

i received two boxes of kelloggs fiberplus cereals for the purpose of this review.  regardless, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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