Friday, March 25, 2011

stroller envy

i confess...i am totally guilty of stroller envy.  when we're driving around, i crane my neck trying to read what brand of stroller people on the street are using.  when we go for a walk, i'm sure people wonder what i'm staring at:  i just want to get a better look at their stroller.

some days it feels like everyone has a nicer stroller than i do.  i know exactly what i want in a stroller, it is just a matter of being able to afford one!

bugaboo just came out with a new stroller called the "donkey" that meets a lot of my requirements in a stroller and has made the ugly green envy monster rear its head--and the stroller hasn't even officially been released yet!

take a look at this beauty:

notice how there is room for your child, as well as an extra space to carry groceries, lunches or other necessary items? that bag next to the seat has handles for easy removal once you get to wherever you are going. this would be perfect for those time i walk to the grocery store and need some space for my groceries. there is also additional storage (up to 10 lbs) underneath the seat.

what truly make the donkey remarkable is its versatility. this is a stroller that can be a single stroller with a bassinet, a single stroller with a child seat (rear or forward-facing), a double stroller in any combination of bassinet and child seat--either two bassinets, two seats or one of each. if you have it as a double and drop off one child at school, you can just push the stroller together to make it a single stroller again. this would be perfect for the times that tate wants to ride when we are downtown. when we are home again and i only need the stroller for lilianna, i can just push it back into a single stroller.

all the clips and safety latches on the donkey are white so you know exactly what you have to do when you are making any changes to the stroller. the goal of the designers was to make it very user-friendly.  you can also use this stroller with a graco infant carrier, if necessary.

take a look at everything that you can get with this stroller:

this is a great stroller for first-time moms who don't want to invest in a double stroller immediately, but who know that a double stroller is in their future. this is also a great stroller for someone expecting twins. the stroller is easy to steer and easily fits through standard doorframes. the wheels are larger so i could navigate this stroller through sand and snow, both of which i'm sure to run into here along the shores of lake michigan.

i do think that the bugaboo donkey stays pretty big even when folded up, but i'm not sure you can find a double stroller that gets smaller. if you want to be able to see both your kids (and not have one hiding beneath the other one), this is a great, maneuverable double stroller that lets either or both kids face you or face away from you.

let me know if you end up purchasing this one. i like to know the people that i'm envying!

i attended a release party for the bugaboo donkey where i received a bag of fun donkey accessories. regardless, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.


  1. The Donkey is certainly a unique design isn't it? I have the same obsession with strollers - they seem to be getting better and more attractive every year that goes by. :)

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  3. Thanks for coming to Bump Club and Beyond's exclusive launch party for The Donkey. We are so glad that you liked the stroller and our gift bags!

  4. I share the same obsession with you. I tend to peek at people's stroller too. However, I did not invest too much in a stroller because here in Malaysia, shopping centres, pavements and other public places are not designed to be "stroller friendly" and my girls simply refused to be confined to stoller as soon as they started learning to walk.


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