Saturday, March 26, 2011

ishine Bible review

zoe is showing a greater and greater interest in reading the Bible for herself. she is no longer content to listen to us read together at night for our family devotions. she wants to get into the book and learn for herself all that it has to say.

i have been watching for a Bible that would be age-appropriate for her. i don't want to get her a "story" Bible that just gives her the stories of the Bible without context. on the other hand, i don't want her to feel squashed in her desires to read through the Bible because the text is too difficult to understand.

i have long been a fan of the new living translation for its accuracy and understandability. now, there is a version of the new living translation that is marketed to tweens call the ishine Bible.

normally, i balk at the idea that the Bible has to be marketed to such specific groups of people:  the Bible for women, the Bible for men, the Bible for people who like chocolate, etc.  when it comes to my kids, however, i am happy for them to have some encouragement, something that makes the Bible feel personal for them.  this Bible is pink and very girly so i hope that that will help zoe feel a sense of ownership--her Bible definitely looks different than mine (there is also a version in blue for boys)!

i didn't know very much about the ishine tween brand but their purpose is to equip "tweens and their families to illuminate and reveal their value, identity and purpose in Christ."  the Bible includes full-color pages that focs on these central themes:  being valued by God, finding their identity in Jesus and the purpose that this gives to their lives.  there are articles dealing with questions tweens may face, as well as articles about having a relationship with Jesus and growing in faith.

while i hope that zoe will spend more time reading the actual text of the Bible, rather than the articles themselves, this is very similar to the Bible that i grew up with.  the extra articles and features were encouraging and helpful for me at various times in my life, and actually encouraged me in my own personal Bible study.  i hope the same will happen for zoe with this Bible.

overall, i am glad to be able to offer zoe something that meets her where she is right now:  still a young person, but growing out of childhood and childish things.  i hope that receiving a Bible like this will encourage and inspire her on her own journey of faith.

i received the information and a free copy of this Bible from tyndale for the purpose of this review.  regardless, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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