Tuesday, November 23, 2010

tiny prints review

there is no question:  when all those holiday cards start arriving in the mail, i definitely get "christmas card envy."

no matter how carefully i've chosen our cards, i feel like every other person has more creative or more beautiful cards than we do.  this year i'm hoping to avoid christmas-card-envy by picking out some cards from tiny prints.

i have just spent the last half an hour poring over the tiny prints website (that's a half hour i should have been packing for our trip!).  on every page, i found so many choices of cards that i have been finding it difficult to narrow my list.

here is one of my favorites:

just looking at it makes me feel so happy. plus i like the idea of not having to get a picture with all four of my kids being normal and smiling. tate especially has a habit of doing the exact opposite of what you want him to do in a group photo situation. this way i can choose great candids of each of the kids and still get everyone in one card. besides, look at the back:

how cool is that? i love the idea of putting our christmas "letter" together with the card. this one is high up on my list.

of course, then there is this cool idea:

this one is ready to go on someone's tree as a great decoration and a great visible reminder that your family needs some christmas love (i'm just kidding about that last part). i never know what to do with the cards we get in the mail. i don't have a great display system developed yet. so if everyone could just send me their card like this, i could put them all over our tree. could you all help me out that way?

i might just have to go with this classic, however, because this truly reflects how we feel as we approach this holiday season:

we definitely want everyone to know how blessed we feel and how much we hope everyone else may be blessed as well.

today is the last day to get 20% off all the tiny prints christmas cards. now is a great time to get your cards ordered to be ready for the mass mailing (note to self). choose from so many beautiful cards and save yourself some christmas card envy!

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