Thursday, November 4, 2010

if i ran away to the circus...

ever since we went to the circus last year, we've been reading and re-reading the program so we can relive all our favorite acts and performances. this has led to some discussion about what we would do if we had the opportunity to join the circus.

it should be no surprise to anyone that zoe would be involved with the dogs and their tricks. she loves anything to do with dogs and loves to imagine the different tricks she would do with them in the circus.

tessa, of course, can't really decide what part of the show she would like. i am pretty sure that it would have something to do with dressing up in a really fancy costume and walking around like a beauty queen.

there is no question that tate would tame tigers. he loves to talk about the "tiger man" and all the different tricks he got the tigers to do. (since he was hiding his face for much of the show, i'm surprised he even knew what happened!)

what about me? i would love to be one of the beautiful elephant ladies waving my arm gracefully while clasping the elephant's headpiece. unfortunately, i'm so clumsy and ungraceful, i think it would be better for me to be a clown. maybe if i learn how to fall intentionally, i won't fall as often unintentionally!

what would you like to do in the circus? if you need some ideas, you might want to check out the circus in town right now! buy tickets here for 4 tickets for $44 for weekday shows and $4 off weekend shows. the show is at the allstate arena november 4-14 and at the united center, november 17-28.

i received free tickets to the show for me and my family from the feld family entertainment group. regardless, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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