Thursday, September 30, 2010

smelly washer review and giveaway

i remember in college my suitemates would suddenly declare something had "the funk."  if there was one thing you didn't want, it was to have something of yours pronounced as the source of "the funk."  it was like a college version of cooties.  obviously, these memories still haunt me so the last thing i want to find out is that my towels have "the funk."

unfortunately, with four kids and two adults each with their own towel, and very little responsibility among those six individuals actually to hang up one's towel, our towels very easily get "the funk."  in the past, i have tried different detergents to rid my towels of the nasty mildew smell to no avail.  i have even considered just tossing the towels and buying new ones.  while this is a great idea in theory, it isn't exactly cost-effective!

with this in mind, i was interested in giving the smelly towel cleaner ($16.99) a try.  i have been trying to make the switch to using natural cleaners and the fact that this product claimed to rid my towels of "the funk" using all natural ingredients sounded like a win-win situation to me.

after one of the most humid days of the summer, i grabbed a bunch of our smelliest towels that seemed like they were never dry and threw them in the wash with a cap full of the smelly towel cleanser.  they actually came out of the wash smelling so much better!  i have to admit that the places where my kids have rubbed their dirty hands after pretending to wash them didn't really get any cleaner, but at least the funky smell was gone.

if your towels are particularly smelly, the recommendation is to soak them for two hours first.  i think that might have helped our particularly nasty towels.  now i just use a small amount of smelly washer as a laundry booster whenever i wash my towels.

the smelly washer company has a website you can visit for lots of odor-removing tips.  for example, did you know that using fabric softening dryer sheets can actually cause towels to lose their absorbency and make them more "smelly"?  you can find out other helpful hints like this one on the website, as well as ordering your own bottle of smelly towel (they also have a product called smelly washer to help get the funk out of your washing machine).

if you are still feeling skeptical, you can win a bottle of your very own smelly towel cleaner.  just go to the website and then come back here and tell me one thing you learned about odor problems.  i will choose a winner using on october 14.

i received a free bottle of smelly towel cleaner from the smelly washer company for the purpose of this mamabuzz review.  i received my facts and information from them but the opinions expressed here are purely my own.


  1. Please pick me!!! I use fabric softener, and I hate how the mildew builds up and eventually gets the funk. I also learned that I'm using way to much detergent. That's a great thing to know. Maybe with money I save on detergent, I can buy some Smelly Washer so that I can keep using the fabric softener that smells so good!

  2. I know the cause of my towels with the funk--ME! I sometimes forget to move them from the washer to the dryer. The next day, the funk has already set it--YUCK!

    I learned from the website how to clean my smelly dishwasher--set it for a long, hot cycle, let it run for 15 minutes, then pour in 2 cups of white vinegar and let it finish its cycle. My dishwasher is running right now!

    Thanks for letting me know about this website. I hope I win!


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