Thursday, July 15, 2010

purely products review and giveaway

everywhere i look, i see people making the effort to live in ways that are more environmentally-friendly and eco-conscious.  unfortunately, this also seems to be a time when the environment is waging a battle against us.  sometimes i feel like i hardly dare to let my kids out of the house for fear of some horrible bacteria attacking them or the risk of skin cancer from all the horrible uva and uvb rays.

purely products has heard our concerns to be environmentally-friendly as well as our fears about what is out there and has come up with some products to help us out.

the pocket purifier ($29.95) is exactly that:  a purifier that you can fit in your pocket, your purse, your diaper bag, or a kitchen or bathroom drawer.  it comes in black (as shown) or in pink!

maybe you are like me and always worry about just how clean the counter or the cutting board is after cooking with raw chicken.  just pull out your pocket purifier, shine the uv light over the surface and feel confident that 99.9% of germs that cause colds and flu, e-coli, salmonella, mold, fungus and mrsa (staph) are taken care of, without the use of scary chemicals.

this is also a handy gadget for the bathroom.  no more fear about what is lurking on the toilet, especially with the kids since they haven't managed to grasp the concept of hovering!  now i can shine the light over the toilet and let them go without any worries.

i was interested in having this for lilianna's pacifier.  i've heard time and again the joke about how with your fourth child you let the dog lick the pacifier, etc. etc.  thankfully for lilianna we don't have a dog!  i do want to make sure she has a clean pacifier, however, but since she is always spitting it out, keeping it clean has been a real challenge.  presumably, shining this uv light on the pacifier will take care of the germs and make it safe for her to use again, without worrying about dangerous chemicals from other soaps, etc.

this was my intention when i signed up for the review, but i haven't quite figured out the best way to do it. you aren't supposed to shine the light on your skin so i can't hold the pacifier while i sterilize it. in addition, it is hard to feel confident that the pacifier is indeed sterilized just from the uv light. i haven't quite figured out how long to hold it on there. finally, i have had a few concerns about the other kids getting a hold of it. it looks like a fun toy to them, and i worry that they will play with it when i'm not around and do some kind of damage to themselves.

purely products has another product to help us in the battle with the environment. the sunmate ($19.95) is a small monitor that can alert you to the possibility of exposure to ultraviolet rays. an led indicator lights up a number from 1 to 5 to tell you just how intense the uv rays are, even on a cloudy day. now you know just how much sunscreen you need to slather on yourself and your kids, or if it is better just to stay indoors.

i used ours on our trip to tennessee to learn that i was exposed to dangerous uv rays sitting in the front seat of our van. i never really thought about wearing sunscreen for sitting in the car all day, but the sunmate tells me i should!

purely products supports diaperlove, a non-profit organization that provides diapers to children in need.

they also want to help you. this purely products link takes you to a special mamabuzz offer that lets you have 25% off of your entire order now through august 5, 2010. if you think you could use one of these products, take a look and get a bargain as well.

i also have a sunmate available to give away to one of you. just leave me a comment below telling me one thing you would like to purify with the pocket purifier. i will pick a winner on july 30, 2010. the winner must be from the united states or canada.

this is a mamabuzz review.  i received a pocket purifier and a sunmate from purely products for the purpose of this review.  the opinions expressed here are purely my own.


  1. the girls bathroom counter....

    ...on second thought, maybe ignorance is bliss?

    maybe my keyboard?

  2. Definitely public bathrooms! I was in one last night when a lady got sick all over the place. Someone was helping her, and they walked out the door. To my disappointment, I turned around to leave the bathroom, and the door was closing. So, I couldn't slip out without touching the handle that the sick lady had just touched. Gross! I used purell, so maybe I was fine? Mind over matter. Mind over matter.

  3. I would love to purify airplane seat arm rests and tray tables, since my flight is coming up soon. I would definitely use it in a hotel room on the phones and remotes. Mostly, I would want to use it in my car after my husband has been driving since he can't seem to keep his hands clean. o.0 Thanks for the review, Mel!


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