Saturday, July 24, 2010

oh be careful little ears what you hear...

i am all too aware that my kids pay attention to what they hear:  both from my mouth and from any media around them.

just yesterday, i was listening to a sample of a song on itunes.  i pushed play and all i heard was "oh my g--, oh my g--, oh my g--...."  i quickly hit the mute button and figured since the kids never hear me tell them to pick up their toys, they probably didn't notice the lyrics of the song.


zoe immediately said, "that song was saying oh my g--, oh my g--."  tessa mentioned that she heard it as well.  i reminded them that that isn't what we say but still, i wish they hadn't heard it.

i've even heard myself parroted in the way that they talk to each other at play time and during pretend.  it isn't that i've used bad language, it is just the tone of voice i have used with them when i have reached my limit of them not listening to me.  i hate to hear myself in the way they talk to each other about doing chores and leaving each other alone.

when i watched the webisode by evenflo about having to recover from a potty mouth, i had a hard time relating to the mom.  she seemed to be too extreme of an example, even for comedy.  i think the same idea could have been accomplished, and even be funnier, with a lot less offensive language.  even if i want to call someone an "idiot" while driving, that isn't the kind of language i want my kids to pick up.  i think they could have easily done a much more funny and less offensive video using this kind of language.

personally, i have experienced being called out for a very mild criticism of a driver by my kids.  it has made me aware all over again that, while i may not have to worry about big brother listening, i do need to worry about all 4 of my kids listening all too carefully--only when i don't want them to that is!

evenflo has just released the momentum 65dlx convertible car seat, with features that help make safety, installation and use as easy as possible for parents.  evenflo and juiceboxjungle sponsored me to write this post.  you can check out more about the car seat and see their other (funny) videos here. 

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