Thursday, June 7, 2012

ready player one review and giveaway

how good is your eighties trivia knowledge?

do you remember anything about the eighties (if you were even alive back then) or have the fumes from the hairspray killed all your brain cells from that era?

if you do remember with fondness shows like family ties, movies like war games or video games like pacman, you may enjoy reading ready player one.

wade lives in a united states that few of us could recognize, although one that isn't too hard to believe we are headed toward, the way things are going.  real life consists of a hardscrabble existence where one is always vulnerable to mugging or other abuse, where garbage and abandoned vehicles litter the landscape.  to escape such a pitiful life, nearly everyone spends the majority of time plugged in to the "oasis" a cyber-world where one's avatar can be an idealized version of oneself, where one can travel to whole new worlds in the blink of an eye, where you can shop, visit friends, or change your scenery without ever leaving the comfort of your own chair.

the problem is that the creator of the oasis passed away and left the controlling rights (and income) to the company open to the hands of anyone who can win the game he implanted in the oasis.  the stakes are high and could even cost wade his life, if he isn't careful.

i am not much of a science fiction fan, although i have read my share of it.  to my surprise, i had a very hard time putting this book down.  for a total non-geek, this book did an amazing job capturing my interest, my attention and my enthusiasm.  even if you don't know too much about the eighties, you might enjoy the oddly captivating experience of seeing our potential future, even while steeping yourself in the culture and history of the eighties.

if this sounds like something you might be interested in, i have a free copy to offer one of you.  just leave a comment below telling me your favorite memory or flashback from the eighties.  i will choose a winner using on june 14, 2012.  usa residents only; must be eighteen to enter.

i received a free copy of ready player one as part of my involvement in the from left to write book club.  you can find more chances to win throughout this month if you go over to from left to write.  all thoughts and opinions expressed here are completely my own.


  1. The thing that stands out about the eighties to me is always being tired in class because I usually spent all night watching Letterman, Tom Snyder, etc

  2. michael jackson and moonwalks



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