Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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Candy Favorites

lately, i have been feeling like the candy aisle at the grocery store has been a little...lacking.  sometimes i have a hankering for a particular candy that i remember from growing up, but the store doesn't carry it.  other times, like at valentine's day, i want to get a particular candy for the kids (like pop rocks), but i don't even know where to begin looking for it.

tonight i discovered a new place to begin my search:  candyfavorites.com.  they have a wide range and assortment of candy from retro favorites (like pop rocks and boston bake beans) to standard favorites like licorice twists and candy bars, as well as novelty favorites, like edible bugs and pez dispensers!

you can go here to shop by theme, by color, by flavor, by holiday or by company.  you can also look here for cough drops, chewing gum, logo mints, or custom label candy. everything is sold in bulk, however, so if you have a particular favorite, you  might want to go in with some friends, unless you like having that much of one candy!  most orders over $59.95 qualify for free shipping, so at least you save a little cash in that regard.

this is a paid post about candyfavorites.com.  regardless, all thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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