Monday, January 30, 2012

getting ready for valentine's day...with tiny prints

i have been looking on pinterest for some good ideas to make valentines for the kids this year. that was when i realized that i need to collect 78 valentines this year between all the kids...and that doesn't even count the 5 teachers!

while i love the idea of making something crafty, i think it is time to look elsewhere for some valentine cards ideas...

of course, i think there is no better place to look than at tiny prints...
i love this one for tate's class.  maybe having a card like this would help him be more interested in the idea of valentine's day.  somehow he doesn't seem as interested in giving away cards as the girls are!
i think zoe would like this one.  she is at the delicate age where you don't want to do anything that seems "babyish" or especially, being too romantic...
i think tessa might like this one for her class.  these are so cute without being too romantic!

of course, i would also like to consider sending a few valentines day greeting cards myself!

i always have a hard time finding just the right card for bill.  i don't want to be too cheesy but i'm not good at being too mushy either...
i think this one seems just about right.  especially for as much time as we both spend with our noses in books!

if you are love tiny prints cards as much as i do, you may want to follow them on twitter, like them on facebook or follow their boards on pinterest.

i am thankful to tiny prints for making our valentine's day a whole lot easier and very, very special!

i will receive 50 free cards from tiny prints as a thank you for writing this post.  all the information and links are from tiny prints.  regardless, all thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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