Sunday, December 11, 2011

we had an oral b/crest toothbrush party and lived to tell about it!

what happens when you get 12 kids from three families in one apartment?

pure chaos!

...but a totally fun time as well.

we invited 8 of our friends to come have pizza, eat popcorn, watch cars 2, and learn about having healthy mouths together.  my kids had a great time preparing for the party by cleaning the toy room (well, not so much actually!), blowing up balloons, putting together gift bags and filling special boxes full of popcorn.

our friends arrived ready for a totally awesome time.  we were thankful for the square footage of our apartment that provided the kids with plenty of room to spread out.  everyone matched up with someone his or her own age or close to it.

we served three large pizzas and some healthy-for-your-teeth-and-bones salad.  everyone had plenty to eat.

then we played "yucky mouth vs. healthy mouth."  every kid had multiple opportunities to decide which foods and products contributed to a healthy mouth and which would make for a yucky mouth.  we then enjoyed one of those "yucky mouth" foods: ice cream!  thankfully, we all had plenty of crest pro-health for me mouth rinse, oral-b stages and pro-health toothbrushes, cars 2 gummy vitamins and oral-b/crest pro-health for me flossers to keep our teeth healthy and strong afterward.


we put in the cars 2 dvd and handed out the popcorn.  my kids were the only ones who sat and watched the movie from start to finish, and they had seen it before!  i guess the other kids were drawn to the toy room more than the movie.

when the movie was done, everyone was having too good of a time to leave.  thankfully it wasn't a school night so everyone could stay up spending more time with their friends before having to say good-bye.

you can see that the goodie bags filled with toothbrushes, flossers, gummy vitamins, coupons and mouth rinse were a big hit with everyone.

thank you crest and oral-b for providing three families with such a fun and enjoyable evening together!

i received the party kids filled with oral-b and crest products, balloons, popcorn and popcorn boxes, coupons, a game, and information from oral-b and crest through momselect.  regardless, all the opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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